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Teachers are great, very dedicated, easy to contact and always available. The courses are rigorous and lots to choose from. The only problem is that the student has to stay on track on his/her own. The school does not pressure you to get the courses done in any specific time. So if you are a procrastinator, beware!
CMASAS has been really good transferring in from public school. Pacing is all on your own so you have to manage your time but overall I’ve been very happy with the curriculum and the teachers I’ve had are all wonderful!
I'm an alum of CMASAS and I hold a special place in my heart for the school. The faculty really cares about every student and every single teacher is knowledgeable and very pleasant to communicate with. There are no set deadlines for assignments which allows students to breeze through work that is easy for them and to spend more time learning material that they may struggle with. This teaches them good time management, and gives them an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities and/or work professionally (I know CMASAS is a popular choice for professional athletes and performers). CMASAS also can be a lifesaver for children with physical or mental health issues that make regular school difficult to attend regularly. The school also offers many opportunities throughout the year for students to connect with each other socially including regional meet-ups and study trips.
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CMASAS gave me the greatest high school experience I could have asked for! The teachers and faculty work closely with the students to give them the best education they can, tailored to their specific learning needs as well as their interests. Without Mrs. Dolph I wouldn't have made it through my maths and sciences, and Dr. Radachy became somewhat of a mentor to me throughout high school. The course selection is phenomenal, and it's amazing getting to know other students from different parts of the world and completely opposite walks of life (I had an Olympic snowboarder in my homeroom one year). I'll always be doing my best to find ways to get involved with the school as an alumna, and I would definitely recommended CMASAS to anyone looking for a flexible online education.
It's been a great place to work and I love seeing how much the staff truly care about the students and really take action on the personalization model.
As a CMASAS Course Instructor and Personalized Education Coach, I love that our philosophy and purpose is to empower students to find their own paths to their own dreams. Here at CMASAS we strive to create life-long learners and do this by personalizing each and every student's education. I enjoy working in a environment that's so supportive of our student's needs and treats both students and faculty like family.
We love being part of the curriculum development team and being involved with what is taught at CMASAS. As science instructors we know that science moves at a fast pace and often traditional schools are not able to update their curriculum at a pace that most instructors would prefer. At CMASAS we strive to keep our curriculum current and applicable. Not only is textbook information outdated in the brick and mortar model, it is also very limited in a classroom, in how information is presented to the student. At CMASAS, student learning styles are considered first and foremost and we are able to present materials to the student using traditional textbook style reading, audio files, and video presentations. This type of flexible and updated curriculum gives each student the opportunity to learn the material in a way that resonates with them.
As a Personalized Education Coach and course instructor, I have seen first hand the dedication this school has to ensuring the success of every student. The staff works very closely with students to learn more about their needs and we always find creative ways to help students learn and achieve. Every single person on staff is extremely professional and totally dedicated to their work. I love being able to form relationships with students through ongoing meetings, homerooms and more, and I think the power of this is reflected in the many successes we see for students. I have absolute confidence in the ability of everyone on staff to celebrate the uniqueness of each student and to help them shine.
We have the pleasure of working with students as their PEC. As their Personalized Education Coach, we get to help students and families plan out the student’s educational goals. Since our students are middle and high school age, we have the privilege of getting to know the student and their families by discussing college and career plans, mainly in video conferences, and contemplating current activities and goals they are involved in at the time, like sports competitions and artistic endeavors such as music and dance. This gives the entire family the feeling of being connected that is not found in the traditional classroom.
As course instructors, we participate in personalizing lessons for the individual student based on their learning style, their education goals, and their current lifestyle; something that we could never do in a brick and mortar school or a traditional classroom set-up. The individual attention that we can give each student enables each one to come away from every lesson feeling like they know the material. The student has the flexibility of presenting what they have learned to their instructors in both traditional and non-traditional ways, and that reinforces the lesson for the student, leaving a greater probability that the information stays with the student far longer than the course.
I work as a PEC and Elementary Instructor and have enjoyed working with many families from all over the world! I feel that CMASAS offers a great opportunity for students to learn at their own pace, at their individual skill level, with caring staff. There are many options available for curriculum and students have the chance to work with their instructors to customize their assignments in order to show their best understanding of the content they are learning.
As a PEC and course instructor at CMASAS, I feel that our students have the best personalization standards of any online school. CMASAS caters to STUDENTS and their individual needs, which means courses can be personalized and changed to meet the needs of the student. The broad range of courses and flexibility that teachers have throughout the day to meet with students, means students are always put first. I would recommend CMASAS to any student who is searching for a school that understands them and wants to put their all into creating a course plan that meets their individual needs.
CMASAS is a small, very personalized school. The Staff knows your name and your story and all about your education (or what you have shared with us.)
You are not treated like a number. In many cases, you become a part of the CMASAS family.
Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences was an amazing school, that was perfect for me! Lots of clubs to join and amazing knowledgeable teachers! The variety of classes to choose from is great!
I love how personalized the education at Christa McAuliffe is! Teachers are very available, and usually respond quite quickly. The courses are challenging, but all of the teachers are very helpful whenever you have questions.
Very flexible model of education with teachers who are willing to customize courses based on individual needs.
CMASAS staff strive to give students every opportunity to personalize and enrich their education. Students become life-long learners because they are able to study the course subjects of their choice, when they are ready to take the course and are able to create their own learning paths alongside their Personalized Education Coaches and course instructors. Staff members, myself included, are happy to work with individual students, family members and fellow staff members, as a team.
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I have recommended CMASAS to others for several reasons. First, the course instructors are dedicated to helping students succeed and can personalize courses as well as offer additional instructional support when necessary. Second, CMASAS has a variety of courses to choose from at the high school level, allowing students to not only learn the core subjects but also explore various interests that they have while receiving credit. Third, there are a variety of ways for students and faculty to connect virtually and face to face: weekly homeroom sessions, clubs/organizations, and regional gatherings/graduations. In my experience, even students who have hated school in the past have grown to love it (and learning itself!) while a student at CMASAS.

As a faculty member, I find my coworkers friendly and helpful. They are willing to offer suggestions, and because of the ongoing professional development and training opportunities, I'm best equipped to give my best to our students every day.
CMASAS has been a fantastic fit for my 7th grader. She was struggling in our local public school. She struggled with learning in the format the classes were presented and was frustrated and discouraged most of the time. Now with CMASAS she is really flourishing. I can't believe the difference CMASAS has made in her. She is enjoying learning again and is so much happier. I feel that she is really learning and growing with this school.
I'm a staff member at CMA SAS, and I have never felt more valued in the work place. My opinion is solicited often, and the leadership at the school works hard to provide an atmosphere of collaboration. The student is always the center of everything we do, and everyone I have the pleasure of working with shares that same value.