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Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School Reviews

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Christ The King is my second home. I am currently a senior at Christ The King and have been here since my freshman year. Christ The King is mainly known for their Work Study Program, which allows all students to work at corporate jobs. The work study program is what drew me to Christ The King. It's allowing me to get a feel for what life will be like for me in the future. However, one thing that I would change about my school is the diversity. The majority of Christ The King is African-American but, I would like to see more cultures come into Christ The King.
Christ the king is a unique school with a cooperate work study program and different programs set up to help students succeed and to prepare them for the real life.
I liked the curriculum at Christ the King because it was challenging and engaging. The teachers and staff were helpful and very hands on. The school has an academic center after school on Tuesdays through Fridays were students could work on homework, make up tests and get school help. AC was especially helpful during finals.
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Work study program is very helpful and fun. Teachers really take they time out of the day to really work with you and help you understand.
Christ the King is a win-win situation . Its a faith-based school that gets you 100% ready for college. The work may seem rigorous, but it’s a guarantee that it will pay off in the end. You get lots of support . One thing I would change is that it would be more diverse . I would like to see various diversities get the experience that I got.
My experience at Christ the King was very good overall. Not only is it a safe environment to be in but it's so rewarding to be involved with your school community as well. You get to no so many people and you really get a good understanding of how the lives of others affect yours. CTK is the place to be, especially when it comes to preparing your for college. Though the work has been rigorous all the way for these past 4 years I am so grateful for them. I never stopped being involved with the school and they are the ones that really pushed a shy kid like myself that didn't like school at school to be an Illinois State Scholar.
My experience at Christ the King has been great. I like a lot of things about the school like the Corporate Work Study Program which lets students get ready for world of corporate businesses. I also like the faculty in the school there are many teachers that really are passionate about their job and welcomes students with open arms if they need any help.
at Christ the king I have grown and matured in great strides, with there mentoring I know I will make a difference when I graduate.
Christ the King is a good school. They offer AP classes,though there could be more. They have good programs,activities, and sports after school.They also have teachers available everyday for after school help with homework and assignments. They have a work-study program,that allows the students to work at different companies that partner with Christ the King to help lower tuition cost. The student environment could be a little better,but no serious complaints. Overall it is a pretty good school.
Christ the King was a good high school. What I liked the most was we got to experience the real world with the work study program. The teachers wanted the students to succeed. The only thing I would change is their extracurricular activities. There weren’t very many when I attended Christ the King.
it was a great experience. This is the best ever school that can ever be on this magical and beautiful world. Please give me that scholarship. I am in a financial hardship.
Christ the King provides a safe learning experience, while also incorporating work experience into the lives of high-school students. Doing so allows them to become accustomed to being responsible students as well as giving them a head start in the work-force. I'd like to see the school expand a bit more.
This school is wonderful! The school exists in an area of Chicago that is unfortunately known for violence and poverty. But, this school gives students the chance to experience a college prep level education, earn their own tuition, gain work experience and give back to the community they are in to help it.
My experience as a gladiator has been bittersweet . Entering Christ The King freshman year was somewhat a difficult task due to me having to adjust to a new environment . From then to my second semester in my junior year I’ve learn to be thankful for my opportunities. Although the work may be a handful it’s preparing me for the better . Christ the king has taught me how to manage time not just with homework and due dates, but with sports and work by giving me the opportunity to work once or twice a week at my Cooperate Work Study job . Christ the King has also taught me that I have to strive for everything I want in life by not holding our hand during hard obstacles.
My experience at Christ the King have changed my life tremendously. Ctk have motivated me to become strong and show my outside ways that nobody have ever seen. Here at my school grades don't define you as a person, you define the grades. Ctk have raised numerous ways to help my education and formed ways to also help me and other students succeed. From the beginning until my senior year Ctk have shown me that later on in my college years ill be best at whatever i do. Nothing is too hard ! You can do anything that comes to you.
Hi Darayzhia here!
One thing I liked about Christ the King Jesuit was the work experience. It teaches and prepares you for the real world. At age 14, I would have never thought of actually getting the real life experience of working. Also how the money you get for working goes to your tuition for all years you attend CTK. I would like to change that all rules before going to work are applied at the beginning of the year and reminded when needed.
My experience at CTK was great simply because I was able to play on the boys basketball team, and get an excellent education. Being at this school really required me to think and absorb certain concepts that has helped me mature from freshman year all the way to senior year. Also the CWSP work experience allowed me to go out and work, and actually allowed me to see how it feels to work and have responsibilities as a young man.
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Teachers are always ready to help and available to help in some way such as, in person or email. Teachers really try to help make sure everyone is on the right track.
I like the environment of ctk. All the work that we do is eventually going to pay off. I dislike how we only had physical education for one semester for one year.
christ the king is the school for change. this school help you to achieve better for yourself and to never give up. ctk will become a family to you if you let it.
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