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You aren’t offered very many opportunities at Chrisman High School. It’s a great school for people who want to stay in the community. You aren’t given the opportunities to go very far in life. Academics are pretty below average. A lot of first-year teachers who leave. Makes it hard on the students
Chrisman is a small school, so everyone knows everyone. Almost everybody gets along, and the teachers and staff are very friendly. One down side about the school is that is too small to offer things like a football team, a swim team, National Honors Society, and many more sports and clubs.
I like CHS because we are a small community school and the teachers can focus on each and everyone of us. I would like to see the potholes in the parking lot fixed.
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I feel that Chrisman High School represents American School systems well. As with any school, Chrisman High has its pitfalls. Some of the rules seem a bit trite and unnecessary, but they are there to keep the students and staff safe and on task. I feel that Chrisman works well to provide for its students and ready them for a world outside of high school. As written on the bricks of the school itself, Chrisman believes strongly and withholds its prome of allowing you to "Come ye in to learn, go ye out to serve."
Chrisman high school is like one big family. It is very small and well kept. I really like chrisman because of how close I am with the teachers. I really enjoy and happy that I’m leaving a great school
Chrisman High School is a great school considering how small it is. The students and faculty are very close. Students are able to build healthy relationships with teachers, as well as other students. The problem I personally have with Chrisman High School, is the limited opportunities given to students. There are not many classes to choose from. Students don't stand out to colleges.
Chrisman High School is a wonderful school. It is a very small school. At max, our highschool has a little over 100 students. Each class usually never has over twelve kids enrolled in it, so teachers are always ready to help you. Chrisman High School has a beautiful campus and a recently updated gym floor. Chrisman High School is a great school to attend because you are never alone there. There will always be a helping hand out and ready to help you!
I love CHS to death, even with all of its flaws. If you're wanting to branch outside of a few specific areas/colleges after you graduate, however, good luck. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but you are kind of limited with academic challenge and preparation for college, especially in later years. The town and school is still very close knit, however, which is a major reason why I adore it. I can always turn to the town of Chrisman if I need anything.
It's very small so everyone knows everyone. I would change how some teachers show favoritism. This isn't a diverse community.
I like how helpful the teachers are, but I wish all students received equal treatment. Some students receive less punishment because of their home life.
I really dislike it, but I know there's worse.
This school is like my second home/family. We are so close to all of our teachers and we could talk to the teachers like they are our family. Our whole school knows each other. Our principal knows everyone by their first name which is something not many principles can say about their school.
I received an education and knew pretty much everyone in the school. I was able to develop some great relationships with teachers that were willing to help me even if they did not have me in class, because all the teachers were aware of all the students in the school. Some were just easier for getting help from then the teacher that was actually teaching the class. The FFA program is highly supported by its alumni. I was able to create friendships with many different people with many different interest. If I had the chance, I might have liked a school with a few more opportunities but would not trade the tight nit friendships that I was able to establish.
Food was not as good as I have seen and heard about at other schools, but we are a small school.
Just like any where else some parents are more involved and the same with the administration, and you also have certain privileges for certain students. It is your typical school.
Teachers are teachers. Some are helpful and approachable and others aren't. Some have favorites and some are harder on others.
Boys Basketball is the main focus for this school and is pretty important, but it is sometimes hard to get coaches that treat all members fairly, which happens everywhere. When you mention my schools names everyone thinks of basketball. For a small school overall we do the best we can.
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There is a variety of extracurriclar activities from sports to academic to special organizations such as CAMA, FFA, FCCLA, Drama, Computer Club, ect. We didn't have a large variety but it is a small school, but they give students the possiblities to express themselves and to learn and try new things.
I feel ok.. but the writing and speeches were not stressed till later in my high school years. My agriculture classes and my involvement with the FFA had a big influence on my decisions to go into Ag Business and minor in Ag Education and choosing SIU- C because of its reputation in the Agriculture fields.
Our science, foreign language, English, math, and history classes are amazing and how they teach makes everything click. In English we are always given a lot of homework but it is a college prep class so we don't complain.
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