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I enjoy the school quite a bit but sometimes the staff don’t really do what’s best for the students.
Overall Chicopee Comprehensive High School is a great school. They staff care a ton about the students. But the administrative staff often cannot agree on things and care to much about state mandated tests.
Hi,I am Angel. I moved from Kuwait to CCHS last year in August as a junior. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I received a positive environment the moment I stepped in. My most favorite part was the hospitability and respect from the teachers , faculty members, and the students. The teaching style is amazing. I love that within every teacher there is a spirit to make sure each and every student can understand and succeed in life. We have a variety of sports and clubs. Our school gives great importance to college readiness. I am waiting for my senior year and to have more great experiences and opportunities. Thank you CCHS for having me as your student.
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Chicopee comprehensive High school is an overall good school to go to, but some of the staff take the short way around. By that I mean, don't do the work that is necessary to get its students the education they need and deserve. Also, some teachers don't grade papers until the end of the term, but this isn't good because then students do not get the chance to make their grades up if there was some sort of bad grade that brought their overall grade down. Most of the staff is really helpful and supportive besides that, especially the guidance counselors. These counselors are always there if there is a problem or issue, or if a student just needs some guidance on anything at all. Chicopee comp is a great school due to the fact that students and teachers are there for one another in the worst of times no matter their personal standing with one another.
The teachers are the best and provide a lot of knowledge for students. I enjoyed having all of my teachers and my AP classes really prepared and benefitted me for college.
I liked the school spirit that students exemplify throughout the year. However, I would like to see communication throughout the school change
My experience at Chicopee Comprehensive High School was okay to say the least. Academics were pretty good until my senior year when they completely went downhill. I do not feel very college ready so that is a downside. Clubs and activities are not advertised well enough so you never even know when clubs are meeting, and when they do, they are poorly run. Lunch is awful but there is not much they can do about that. Overall it is a pretty mediocre school experience.
Chicopee comprehensive High school is a decent school but there are a few areas that need to be fixed. For one the school food is horrendous , they have gone to free lunch but I would rather pay money for a good lunch then have a bad lunch. This lunch for some people is the only food they eat all day and it is sad because the food doesn't represent the school well and people only eat bad food. Most of the students don't even eat they go all day without eating a single thing and that isn't healthy. Also the facility's can be pretty dirty because students like to throw food on the floor which is discussing and childish, overall this school isn't all bad the teachers are decent and most of them are actually interested in the students lives.
I like a lot about it the teachers that I had are all really nice and motivated to help the kids but I would like to see a little more lenience on wearing sandals and headphones/phones while not in class
Having a vocational part of the school is a big bonus to it being a very good school. There was a plethora of very well trained and well liked teachers at the school.
I would love to see more diversity with us carribean folks by having events for hispanics and other stuff. Some of the teachers are rude and are terrible at grading and teaching especially Junior year teachers. I would like to see less racism and homophobia from some students and including some teachers. I wish we had more school events like more spirit week days or fun assemblies. Plus I would want better school lunch because that food is so disgusting and everyone be hungry and we want to eat good.
The thing I like the most about Chicopee Comprehension High School is that the teachers push all students to do their best because they know we are capable of doing anything we put our minds to.
Chicopee Comprehensive is a technical trade school which also offers academics. If you are chosen to be in a CTE shop which is Career and Technical Education you are given the opportunity to explore all of the shops and then narrow it down and finally pick the one shop you would like to be in. Even though you get the opportunity to explore the programs, I believe the students should not have to pick three and then pick one for the rest of their high school lives. Some people go into a shop believing it is right for them and when the realize they do not want to be in that shop anymore, or it is not right for them they can not switch shops and do something else. I believe that the students should be able to explore all of the programs available throughout their entire freshman year, and then at the end pick their top three. After picking the top three, they should have sophomore year be one shop, junior year be another shop, and senior year be the other shop they picked.op
Chicopee Comprehensive High School is an extremely diverse school that works hard to help its students strive for greatness. The faculty and staff are always ready to help students, especially with the college application process.
Comp has a lot of very nice classes and teachers. The school is small, but still big enough to meet a lot of people. There are a lot of clubs, all of which are nice and passionate about their subjects.
When first arriving at Chicopee Comprehensive High School I was very overwhelmed and nervous. However, the student and teachers alike were very welcoming. Everyone was patient and helpful. The school itself was easy to navigate. The course can be rigorous but remain well taught. The teachers are competent and are as hard at work as the students.
I moved to chicopee my junior year and was able to adjust to the new school and make lots of friends. CCHS is so very welcoming and warming to everyone and is such a great environment to learn in
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It is a very safe and welcoming school. I have learned much skill through my CTE program to help prepare me for the workforce and college.
Chicopee Comp is one of the best high schools in the state. I had the best 4 years of my high school career. All the teachers and staff always tried their best to create a fun and safe environment for learning. I personally wore an hijab to that school and I felt very comfortable around the people and the teachers. The schools offer a variety of different programs that could eventually lead you to your career. The attraction of that school was the CTE Program. This program helps students explore different shops and how they work. Once they pick a shop are taught the specifics of that career. I am also a member of Student Council and the Vice President of National Honors Society. The students and advisers did a good job to carry out events that also made this school very fun and exciting. I am impressed with how this school managed a good education along with good memories created with the staff!
I like the different amount of programs that they offer for jobs. I would like to change how they handle different situations
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