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I personally love my school. The staff are all about helping each student graduate on time whether they deserve the help or not. The only thing i would change is the year we start each major
CVCA is a career/ trade school, this school can teach you many things. I've made the right choice attending CVCA because ive learned a lot and many opportunities was brought to me.
I love my high school Chicago vocational career academy. I love the teachers and the nice students. I’ve learned so much about not only basic subjects but about real world problems. This school has taught me things on a much deeper level than any other school I attended has. My teachers actually have a passion for teaching us and helping us. This school has a lot of great opportunities to offer teenagers in Chicago. This school has also helped me to grow and develop into a better person and a young adult.
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Chicago Vocational do not prepare students for college. They pass students to make their stats look good. The need to replace most administrators and teachers.
I would like to see Chicago Vocational work on connecting the staff and students so that there is a sense of trust and comfort for both the student and the teacher. I do like the sense of school pride and the activities that help develop school pride. The school needs to work on school safety and making each child feel safe from bullying while in school.
Chicago vocational careeer academy is a great school. I've been attending this school since last year which was my freshman year.At first I was nervous to start highschool. However, the staff and students were welcoming and friendly. The students were nice and I didn't have any issues fitting in.I love the teachers too; They've built positive relationships with all of the students and they actually care about us. I never thought I'd be attending the school of my dreams, but suprisingly I am.I used to hate school and have a hard time learning! I questioned whether I was smart or not .But after attending CVCA I realised it's not always the student's learning ability, but also the teacher's ability to teach.I've had teachers who rush through the lesson,and were only interested in the pay check .But at CVCA the teachers genuinely care and teach to the best of their ability. The right school is so important for a child and really hard to find. Im excited to see what this year brings .
What I liked about Chicago Vocational Career Academy is their main focus is success and achieving and over coming challenges. The teachers are always supportive and willing to go the extra mile just to make sure students get the help they need in the classroom or outside of the classroom.
While attending Chicago Vocational Career Academy, I loved how the school prepared us for college. The teachers supported and provided attention to the students. Every faculty member looked out for the safety of the child. We honestly were like one big happy family. They looked out for us & treated us like one of their own .
A lot of the teachers their care about you and your well being and always want you to work hard and stay movatived to do your best
I love this school. This school has opened my eyes to see bigger and better things in life. Yet the school doesn't have my major, I can still do what i can. Like manage the girls basketball team for four years now.
What I like about cvca I the learning , the activities and is the safety and the food and the basketball team and last thing I have to say is there is nothing they need to do to improve the school
I liked the fact that it is a vocational school so you can start early with your career so you will be ready in the future.
I had a blast my years that passed during my high school years. It was tough sometimes but i gotten through it.
I've attended Cvs for four years and I personally at times don't think it's as bad as everyone says or think. There's about a rate of 98% African American, so Cvs wouldn't be seen as diverse. The resources given aren't always the best, but the teachers do their best. Personally I have had the best teachers in Cvs. Their super supportive and they allow me to be myself. I don't think Cvs it that bad of a school.
I have been at CVCA for 4 years now and I'm am in my senior year. I had a wonderful experience since my freshman year. I respect the teachers a lot and they also respect me. They have helped a lot and always make sure I'm on track.
The schocolate is big and offers different Vocational trade but not really good academic classes. the students are kind of friendly but also can have issues with each other.
This school is very beneficial for a lot of students who've attended. I like how many people doubted the abilities of students within the school, but many of us maintain great grades and scored acceptable ACT scores. I've made friends who will be around for a long time in this school, and never had to worry about getting involved in any altercations with anyone.
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school safety policies are okay.
There is not a lot of extracurricular activities but you can ask teachers for help after-school.
My experience at this school could have been better.
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