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Chicago Math & Science Academy High School Reviews

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Chicago Math And Science Acadmey is a great high school that accommodates each student’s individuals needs. The teachers make sure that they’re accessible for the students to help the students grow. I’ve always been able to get the required help I needed in order to be success at the school. I highly recommend this school for students that want to be challenged in order to Identify your personal academics strengths and weaknesses.
Chicago math and science academy was a great school from the start, when I first go there it was a welcoming enviroment from the students and teachers. As times passed, teachers started playing the favoritism game where only certain students were able to get help for college and had more opportunities than others students like me. It was quite unfair the way students were divided into the amount of help they were giving for college.
The staff is a bit demeaning to the students and there is clearly some favoritism going on amongst the teachers/security guards, but the education is great.
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The school gives out every highschooler their own Chrome books. The classes are somewhat challenging and offers a good amount of AP classes.
When I first started highschool, I was getting distracted by other things which weren’t helping me in my life or my future. My peers and teachers showed me the real value of education and since then, I’ve changed my life. I realize how important school is and how much it benefits your future. I started playing many sports which taught me how to balance everything. I joined robotics and learned engineering is a area, I am very interested in. The whole place has contributed a lot to the person I am today!
It was a small school that consists of high achieving students and talented teachers who are willing to help their students at any given time.
One thing I really like about my school is the education and workload offered, it really has me prepared for college. They prep you for the real world and everything that comes with being in college. It was not easy for me, but that is what made me strive to succeed more as years went by. I've been here since the 6th grade, and now I am a senior. I've experienced so much at this school, from the good to the bad. This is like my second home in a sense, I'll never forget what this school made me and how far it took me.
At Chicago Math and Science Academy there is a school-wide diversity and students come together to celebrate various events.
I attended this school from 6th to 12th grade. In middle school the school was excellent. As my high school years went by the school itself started getting worse. By the time I was about to graduate, some of the best teachers started leaving.
Teachers are very nice and friendly. Always helpful, they are like your family and try to help with personal problems too
CMSA is an excellent charter school. The student-faculty ratio is very good as well. Lots of students in many classrooms have that one on one close teacher help with classwork, homework, and many other things. CMSA is very diversity and isn't very much segregated. There are many teachers who are hopeful and care for their students deeply.
I have been attending CMSA for over six years now. I will be graduating this year and I am glad to say that. The school is a small school but year to year the school brings in a new roster of staff and students aren't allowed to build strong connections with their teachers. This school also does not exactly prepare students for college. Mainly pushes students to learn how to pass rather than to learn how to use the experiences learned to apply it in meaningful ways.
It was an average school but needs some changes overall. Not enough extracurricular activities to be involved in, not enough classes to choose from. Too many students, very small school.
As a man teenager interested in maths, physics and chemistry mostly, a school such as that as the name states would fit for you.
It is definitely good memory for me because everything I ever wanted was there and so it was like I was in Paradise.
I have been at this school since the sixth grade and truly feel like I have been given the right tools. Even though it is a small school, they have worked hard to provide the most support they could give their students. When it comes to practicing for your SAT/ACT they do a really well job in helping you prepare for those exams. They also try giving you their support and try to motivate their students. Also when you're a senior they really do help out when it comes to searching for a college or applying to them. The counselor is really nice and is always there to help out even if its late after school. The teachers are also very kind and the students are easily able to connect with them.
I have attended CMSA for my 6th through 12th grade years. In 6th through 8th everything was fine, the teachers were qualified and it was all fair. Towards the end of my high school years, the teachers we had, in my opinion were not qualified and half of the time they didn't even know what they were doing. Our students rights were taken away from us.
I like our guidance counselor and how she was able to have one on one conversations with us about applying to college. The lunch and sports funding needs a lot of improving.
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I love how CMSA's school size gives way to a close-knit relationship with teachers and students. The staff is also always there to be of any help to the students. All this and many more helps make CMSA a really favorable learning institution.
My experience at Chicago Math and Science Academy was rocky. At the beginning of my high school career I was lost. I eventually found my way back to success in my second year of high school. The teachers inspired me, and helped more than I expected. The school is small, but it helped me stay focused, and also not be afraid to speak. I am about to graduate and I have been accepted to some of the best schools in Illinois. My hard work really paid off.
I like going to CMSA because it's a really good school. My experience has been great. I enjoy it because we have fun and learn as well. The school provides the students with a lot of resources.
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