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My school has had 3 principals in 4 years. Needs more stability. There are a few teachers who are really good. But the new principal Mr Anderson is rwally nice
It is not a very good school. Even before I attended there I was told it would shut down but it never did. Usually teachers would be glad to see you succeed but some teachers at the school are disrespectful to students not all but a select few.
It is an Okay school Average school to go to wouldn't recommend for your child. The lunch food is also terrible. The school is just starting to get off campus lunch so in the future this school with get better with time.
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CICS Ralph Ellison is a good college prep small school. The school have good resources, we have college prep classes, great teachers. Our college prep classes benefit us in regards to getting into college.
I currently attend CICS Ralph Ellison and quite frankly, I hate it. I've been there since my freshman year and I am now a senior, before my first week was even over for my freshman year I wanted to leave to go to a different school. The kids there are so childish and are just the worse, some teachers don't like you so they fail you on purpose or don't put your grades in, the food use to be good but now its always half cooked and cold and will sometimes make you sick. That school is a shame and should just be closed.
Teachers and Deans are always involved. Students are always involved as well as parents. Any questions are always directed to the correct personnel and taken care off.
Overall,this school is good but it is not as diverse and do not have many activities most students would like to join such as band,orchestra,choir.Also the lunch is not that bad but it could be better.It also needs better help for juniors and seniors applying to colleges and for scholarships.
I would like to see better teachers, that help you for college. More involvements that help you for the future. I would want
I like the communication with the teachers and the civitas staff. I also like the safety throughout the school.
My experience was average. I like how the people treated me and my family and the other students. They love to help and have fun anytime your accompanied them. They're not lying when they say they do it for the kids. They want to help us get out of school and off the streets to create a better lifestyle for ourselves. I what i do like is the rules they create as they go. The lack of after school activities needed for service learning hours. Also we needed more extracurricular activities and money for gear w needed for the teams we already had.
My experience at CICS all four years have been average because we have had our ups and downs but overall i cant complain.The school culture has always been good students and teachers always was familiar with each other.The only thing i feel like we are missing thats stopping us from becoming an above average school is are funding.I feel this way because if we are giving more money we can get more clubs,activities,and even books.On the other hand i dont think i can blame it all on the funding i think its the focus of the school as a whole.
I would like to change the way that the classroom learns faster then other and i would also change the way we have 7 period classes and not make them a hour long
my experience in a chicago international charter school has been great because they make sure you is going to go to the next grade and they want you to exceed in life .
what i like about this school is that it really focus on our work the work is very complex and it the teachers push you to do your work to stay on track .
I would change the connects the students and staff are connected and the resources provided. This school doesn’t really support a child’s future as much as they should. Their goal is obviously just to get students out the school not for them to go on and experience life in a better way.
Going to this school I learned how to prepare myself for the future and learn about time management. If I could go to this school again I would.
I want to see more students being challenged. I feel like the work is too easy which causes students to be off track.
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I love the staff and the level of support available. However, the attitude and the service provided in terms of maintenance and nutrition care isn't so great.
C.I.C.S longwood is an easy school. This school is unorganized and out of order sometimes. The teacher are good, we have so good teachers. Our teacher's really care about use to the point, they would turn down any other offers that get from other schools that would pay them way more. they love use, but some students a very disrespectful and don't care and run them away. our sports is good and it gets better ever year.
I like how the students can find ways to get along with each other. There’s never a time when someone isn’t making a joke about something. The school is overall great to be at
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