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Chicago Hope is a great institution that provides a unique Christian high school experience that cares for the students' spiritual and physical well being. The school's extremely small size, just below 250 students, is both a positive and a negative. On one hand, it allows for students to receive a greater amount of attention from their teachers and faculty, allowing for a more intimate academic experience. On the other hand, however, the size limits the amount and extent of resources that the school has to offer as well as its recognition to those outside of the Hope sphere of influence. Nevertheless, it is a fine institution that provides a great education and experience, and it countinues to thrive as it has sent several kids to Ivy League schools and the like within the last year.
It is a good school overall, the staff are nice and they have good teachers. But staff can be strict and they give a lot of homework.
I transferred in as a Junior and felt so welcomed for my varsity years! I’m challenged everyday to grow and work harder. With the intelligence of my teachers, my mind is blown everyday and I get to out and use it in the real world or at home. They run their classes like college seminars and it help me learn so much better than just listening to a teacher lecture.
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It's like a big family. Teachers and staff really care, kids are kind, sports are fun and academics are good.
The overall experience is great, from academics to athletics they challenge you mentally, physically, and spiritually. All those aspects help prepare you for college. The one thing I could change is the overall food and lunches.
As a senior of Chicago Hope Academy, I must say that I love that it is family orientated. We are able to fellowship at all sorts of events and know everyone by name. In fact, unlike typical high schools with locks on their lockers, CHA does not have lock on their locker. We believe in trusting everyone as if they were your close family members. I am delighted in the fact that when one person fails everyone comes together to find a way to help them. For many years I have been selected to be student ambassador who encourage 8th grade students to attend CHA the upcoming school year and I love it! But I must say even after I graduate I would love to see CHA build a larger campus being able to house more of the community and more opportunities for servicing the community.
Chicago Hope has been a great experience.
The teachers are very caring and they are concerned about you.
The school is more like a family.
The classroom size is very small so you can still have that one on one communication with the teachers.
As a transfer student from a previous private christian school, my parents and I felt it from God to come here and continue my career here. It's very diverse and orderly. There are uniforms and strict rules to keep everyone in line with the decorum and expectatios for the school in order to prepare for the real world. It may be small in size for now, but it does the job. Also an expansion of the school in the nearby future is coming soon. It holds steadfast to Christian values and it isn't as bad as it looks from the outside
I was a student and the teachers were amazing. They were definitely the highlight of my experience. The administration is close knit and are really great mentors and the school seems to be getting better and better.
I would like to see a change in the way Chicago Hope see women wrestlers, or just women in general. Women are just as capable as the male, it is embarrassing for it to be 2017 and see academies like Chicago Hope refusing to wrestle girls. People have the right to their own religious beliefs but when it starts effecting other people, it has gone to far. I do hope something changes, or at the very least they give women a chance to prove themselves. We are just as strong, smart, beautiful, and equal as men. I do hope Chicago Hope Academy comes to realize this.
The best thing about Hope Academy is that the teachers always work with students before and after school. This action alone convince me that they care about my education. In addition Hope Acadmey uses their triangle core values "spiritual, education, and sports" in order to create us students be an overall better person. They back that up with creating a Christian environment, hard working faculties and teacher, and provide us all sorts of resources (academically and athletically) for us to succeed.
Chicago Hope Academy is pretty safe. We always go over fire drills or tornado drills. We do these things to make sure that we know what to do when it actually happens.
My experience at Chicago Hope Academy has been challenging and fun but very different. We work hard to get the grades that we believe we deserve. We have class competitions which are always fun. We also have Bible verses on the walls of the school.
The teachers at Chicago Hope Academy do things that normal teachers would not do. Like go to coffee with a student for extra help. They stay after school to help. They are always encouraging us to do better.
Hope is what you make it.
My teachers are the reasons I love hope
The best part about our school is the new tarft fields
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The school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying
The teachers are honestly the best part of the school. They are so kind and always willing to help you. Most teachers at Hope are pretty young so they can connect with you on a level that you can understand. The only issue is that we sometimes get first year teachers and that can sometimes be a struggle.
The clubs at hope come and go depending on the year. Its usally determinted by whatever teacher wants to run whatever clubs. I think you could pretty much start whatever club you want as long as you have a teacher to support you.
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