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This school offers a new perspective on education. It incorporates agriculture into the curriculum and it allows students to realize new things about the world around them. There are different pathways students can get into to be able to learn about fields in agriculture, and guess what, its agriculture is not only farming. Some pathways include mechanical technology to biotechnology to food science and to finance and economics.
I’m currently a junior at Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. My experiences at CHSAS will always be memorable ones to say the least. I’m exposed to many possibilities and career choices revolved around agricultural sciences that most inner city high school students will never be privileged of. This school is the only urban farm school in Chicago with real farm animals, acres for crops, and teachers who are actually professionals in the agricultural industry. The career pathways would include: Agricultural Finance and Economics, Agricultural Mechanics and Technology, Animal Science, Food Science and Technology, Horticulture, and Biotechnology in Agriculture. We have our own farm stand at our school; whereas, we produce and sell some of our many fruits and vegetable’s products freshly grown from our very own garden.
I love that the school is mainly agriculture based. it experiences kids from the city about agriculture and what it’s really about
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I love the school. My son has attended all for years. I havent worried about safety issue and it is a very diverse school. It is the only school in Chicago that has a farm.
I think that it is awesome that students like myself, are learning about agriculture and all the endless possibilities that come with it. The six pathways that Chicago Ag offers are: Food science , Animal science, Biotech, Horticulture, Fiance and Mech tech. I can't say that any other high school has offers all the great opportunities that my school does such as job shadows, internships and field trips. Attending this school has really changed my outlook on my career. Chicago Ag has connected me with so many great companies that every summer I am given a paid internship inn the field I love, Food Science. I found a way to connect what I love doing, dance to agriculture. Networking with amazing people from companies from like PepsiCo and Eli's Cheese cake company has really pushed me to do so much more in the future.
Me transferring from Morgan Park High School to Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences my sophomore years was one of the best decisions I've made through my high school journey. The school provides students with many opportunities and teaches us the importance of agriculture. We're provided with 6 classes that are called "pathways" which are very similar to college majors and towards the end of sophomore we get to choose which one we'd like to pursue for our junior and senior year in high school. These classes are ag related but are very helpful when it comes to figuring out what would our future majors in college be.
What I like about this school is that they make sure you get prepared for college even if you don't or are not planning to go to college. Not only this, the school has a nice diversity allowing all walks of life and making them feel welcomed. The only thing I would change about this school, is the allowing students to pick their own classes .
Reason Why its so terrible because the food is terrible and the school never reaches the health benefits
The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences is an interesting school to say the least. I learned a lot about things I would have no clue about if I did not attend this school. Also, all of the teachers care about your future. Some teachers are just into teaching for the paycheck, but not here. Teachers and administration are constantly pushing you to do your best in order to ensure a bright future and I appreciate that.
Chicago Ag wasn't my first choice for high school, but after attending for four years I don't regret going here. There are many opportunities that the school provides you with, from going on many college trips and exchange programs there is a place for everyone. Because the school is fairly small the student to teacher ratio makes it possible to work with your teachers to help you succeed. All this being said, there are a few things that the school could improve on. One of those things is having electives, many hs have electives but that is one thing Chicago Ag is lacking.
The Chicago High School for Agricultural is one of the most unique schools around. The school is located on a 72-acre campus, 40 acres of which are dedicated to a working farm. That's right a farm! In Chicago! As a school! That's not all though, as time goes on the Chicago Ag has been trying to enhance their athletic program to be more competative with schools around the neighborhood such as Brother Rice, Marist, MCcauley, Morgan Park High School, St.Rita and Evergreen Park High School. With such high competition the athletes are driven not only in the sport but in the classroom as well. With my 4-years of being at the Chicago Ag, one major upside of the school I have noticed is that the teachers and administration really puts their best foot forward to coup with all types of learners. Even if the solution that is given does not work, not one member of the staff is afraid to make a sacrafice to better off the students chances to not only college, but to their overall education.
I have had a fun four years at Chsas. The classes were challenging but not too hard. Being on the sports team there was a great experience. I was involved in basketball and this program called FFA. The teachers make a real effort to help each and every kid. They have prepared me to take the next step to going to college and being able to succeed. It was a very safe environment where kids could learn without having to deal with worrying about their safety. Chsas is a wonderful school, and my fours years there have been for the most part pretty good.
I like the fact that we were placed in pathways that could help us in the future. I also like the multiple different opportunities that they offer.
Great school, just want it to be heard that the bathrooms aren’t cleaned well at all and they have had a horrible smell coming from the drains for a year, hope this problem gets fixed. Besides the bathroom’s cleanliness everything is great.
Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences is an amazing school. The teachers and faculty have provided me with numerous connections, they have given me work experience, and they have introduced me to horticulture, a subject I knew little about, which is what I want to study in college.
This school is the top school is Chicago. They get children ready to learn and explore the world. They help out with getting us ready for college and taking us on a lot of educational trip. This is the best school and the children are friendly. Everyone or almost everyone get alone there. They give children a lot of opportunities to help work and provide us to strive for better.
The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences was and still is an excellent place for people to learn, grow, and develop into hard workers.
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Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences is a place of exemplary opportunity. Many resources are available to students and faculty and it is always a positive learning environment. I have had the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities such as sports and FFA. Also, we receive a specialized education within our pathways . The pathways offered at my school include Animal Science, Biotechnology in Agriculture Today, Agricultural Mechanics and Technology, Horticulture, Food Science, and Agricultural Finance.
What I liked about Chicago At is that there are a lot of opportunities supplied at the school. People can explore all types of things about agricultural that you wouldn’t expect or even know of without this school. The atmosphere is also very kind and warming with everyone being friendly. The teachers are also really kind and care about their students. Overall this school is an excellent example of what high school should be like.
Having just graduated from Chicago High School for Agriculture Science, I can say that the school is a great school to prepare you for choosing your career goal. There are a few teacher that do not really care and some that are always willing to help you. Overall, the school is so unique that you will never know what to expect. I loved my experience there and have made so many friends and some teachers that I will always go and visit to learn something new from and catch up with.
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