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The best thing here at Chicago Academy is that you’ll experience so many different cultures. The teachers are moderately tolerable when it comes to teaching but when you need them it’s guaranteed that they’ll be there for you in a time of need.
Chicago Academy is a fairly small school with a small population of students. While that makes for everybody to know one another, it also creates a lack of diversity in mindsets. Everybody is forced to think a certain way, which can be frustrating. That being said, the staff is for the most part friendly.
Overall it is a decent school but it is pretty small so if you want to expand your circle it isn't the best option. It has good support because it is small but they are really strict with the rules.
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I like the opportunities they give us to learn, although I believe we can work on the strictness and unnecessary rules.
I wouldn't consider it a typical high school because it is definitely a lot smaller such as class sizes and building. Although, this can be better for recognition for students to receive which looks good for them in their resume. Also, since it is smaller, it is quite easy to make a couple of friends. One thing that I liked about my freshman year was that we had the opportunity to order food instead of eating school lunch, however, this was later canceled in my sophomore year. But, when you are a junior or senior, you have the lovely chance to go off-campus.
Somethings that I like about the school is that the teachers push the students to improve their learning skills and the content they teach allows for students to be challenged and gain the knowledge they need. Some things that I would say need to be improved would be grading system because having a D in one category of the class while the other categories have B's causes your grades to automatically be a D in total. I feel that this grading system is unfair for students that work hard but get on bad grade in a category and have all that hard work go down the drain.
Friendly Teachers, good community, classes are very close, if not, close enough where you aren't late to get there.
My whole four years being part of CAHS has been the most fun and best years of my high school life. Everyone is like family and everyone gets a long so well
Chicago academy makes silly rules for us to follow and it's not fair to the students. We aren't put first at all.
Chicago Academy High School is a very good high school. Everything here is great from teachers to clubs and athletics to the diversity of students that attend this school, it's all amazing. One of the things that I love most is that the teachers here are always trying their hardest to make you the best versions of yourself, which is something that I personally haven't seen at any of my previous schools. You can tell they genuinely care about you being able to succeed and do what you want to do with your life, and as long as you give them the effort, they will do whatever they can for you whenever you need help. There isn't really a lot of things here at Chicago Academy to complain about, but one thing that I would like to see change is the field we have outside. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty decent field, but over the years you can tell it's just been beaten up weather it be from the sports played on it or by the nasty weather.
this school is like have became like a family to me because the teacher care about the students and the school main focus is for us to go college and for us to stay in college like what are we going to do after high school there main theme is college readiness to get us prepare for college also we do all our work on computer also technology around us some our school is 1:1 school and population is hispanic and latinos also speak 16 languages and have different cultures and races also main goal is to keep the school safety
My experience at chicago academy is good. It has been stressing but life has it ups and down. I transferred in the middle of freshman year. I came from Itw david speer academy. At the other school I over stressed myself. My mental health improved here. Teachers and staff are great. Some rules but nothing over board. I really enjoy it hear, I am going to miss it when I graduate.
I like mostly everything in the school. There are some things that I do not like but it is mostly my personal preference but besides that everything is good. The food may not be that good but there is a community and good teachers willing to help you out.
Chicago Academy High School is a public high school. My experience in this school these past few year these past few years have been very good. My freshman year I attended a different school bu then I realized I did not feel comfortable in the other schools environment. I decided to transfer and come to Chicago Academy. I knew this school was the right fit for me because it was a small school. The first thing I noticed when I came to this school was how diverse it was. This was a good thing becasue it is nice to learn about life from different perspectives. The school is safe there has not been any big problems and the securities are great. There is somewhat a variety of sports, if there is not a specific sport, students take it upon themselves to gather up team members with the support of the teachers. The teachers are kind and respectful. They help any student with what they need and it shows that they try for every single of their students to be successful.
Overall, being in Chicago Academy was an overall good experience due to the amount of teacher support that is gained as well as opportunities to challenge yourself. Despite being a small school this school overall feels like a community together overall.
My overall thoughts and experiences with this school is indeed a good one. Everyone is really nice around here and willing to lend you a hand. However, I would like to see some changes to the academic part of this school. It's not the worst its actually quite fine but I sincerely feel like it's not working to its maximum potential that it can reach.
I like the diversity of Chicago Academy High School due to the fact that we have many races here that all get along easily. The school often provides much help to us juniors as they guide us more into college and help us with many struggles such as financial aid. Chicago Academy High School is just overall a good feeling school as they welcome you with open hands and gives you the feeling that you matter in the school.
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The thing I like most about Chicago Academy High School is because of acceptance. I feel every race, gender, religion, etc. are all treated the same. Some students do stand out among the rest due to the participation in assemblies, sports teams, and clubs. Everyone is given the same opportunities as each other, it is just a matter of voicing your needs and wants. I also love how small the school is. I know all of my teachers and staff personally, my teachers know what kind of learner I am so it is easier to help when needed.
The school is small which is great for people who don't really like to talk or they are just anti-social. However, the school is very strict with certain things.
I am a freshman at Chicago Academy, something that I like about this high school is the diversity that there is.There are little over 550 students here it is a small school but there is so much to learn from each other and teach each other and another thing that is good about this school how organized they are,the students are the ones that plan most events here at Chicago Academy.There are many clubs here the students can also create clubs if there is not a club that they are interested in,for example, some clubs that are here at Chicago Academy are the “Cougars in action”,”National Honors Society” “Student Council” and many more! Chicago Academy is like "Home away from home" everyone is so kind here everyone gets along and you can effortlessly make friends here.
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