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Chester High School has a real sense of community. Unfortunately, they also have a real sense of group exclusion. They could learn how to be more accepting and teaching the students how to be nice instead of accepting bullying as the normal.
The school needs to hire new teachers who care about the education of students not new teachers who are there fro the summer vacations and winter breaks. And the food is horrible
There was just so much pointless drama going on, there were very few higher education courses (AP, Dual Credit, etc.)

However I made a lot of friends there and participated in every sport i could and the food was great
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I love that Chester high school has block scheduling. I like having only four classes per day. It allows more time to complete homework, especially since high school students have such busy schedules and a lot of responsibilities. The most popular classes are the ones with fun teachers. If a teacher has a great personality, the students seem to rush to fill their classes.
I feel pretty safe at school. There are not any safety services or police in my school, but our school is small enough to where I don't think they are really necessary. The school nurse comes in once to twice a week. Also, the school takes great measures into providing the best they can for the homeless children in our community.
The teachers are very friendly and willing to help. They want to see every students succeed. The teachers tend to communicate pretty well with every student. They seem to be willing to explore new teaching styles and most of them are furthering their education in order to become better teachers. The teachers are the best part of Chester High School.
I personally participate in the majority of the clubs and organizations in my school. I wish our school had some more, though, for certain possible career interested such as FBLA. Sometimes I feel as if the students not involved in the clubs and organizations think they are a big joke. I wish everyone would take them more seriously.
Student involvement has decreased over the years. But it seems as our athletic teams do better, the more fan and student support is received. If a sports team isn't do the best, no one seems to even want to support that sport. Girls' sports hardly get any support from fans and the student body. I think the sports programs are building, though.
Student involvement is slowly decreasing in my school. I feel like school spirit is decreasing. Peer pressure seems to be a huge issue, especially being in a small town. I'd say half of the students are accepting to other students.
The administration seems very friendly and genuinely care for each student. For the most part, I agree with all of the policies in my school. I just wish they would be more enforced.
We have multiple portable computer labs fully equipped with chrom books. There is free wifi with restricted sites. During homeroom, students are able to go to any of the multiple computer labs
The teachers are great at what they do. They are among the best in the area and still strive to improve. Teachers do not just hand out grades, students actually have to work for an A.
Our school is pretty clean. I mean we do have a roach problem, but we are a river town, so it is kind of hard to avoid. Other than that, we don't have any problems. The school is safe. We don't have to have any kind of security other than locks on all the doors that can only be unlocked from the office or a teachers key fab and security cameras.
Our school has a lot of activities for everyone. Our most popular activities are cheerleading, football, basketball, baseball and softball, track, cross country, NHS, and student news station and newspaper. They are all of very high quality and are led by the very best.
The teachers do their best to teach us but nothing really personal. We get a great education, but most teachers don't really build a relationship
Our sports teams are top notch. All of our athletes work together and do their best. They are all very dedicated and so are the coaches.
To start our principal told a student that was being bullied not to worry about it because it builds character. This is totally unacceptabl, and no one will do anything about the situation. We have to go to a Certain teacher when it Comes to these situations if we want anything to be done about it.Our teacherare supposed to be there for Us andhelp us, but they do nothing.
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Some of my favorite experiences include the homecoming and prom dances, the football and basketball games, and the themed games throughout the year. I would definitely go to Chester High School again. This school taught me all that I know and I take pride in my school.
The food service allows quite a bit of food variety.
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