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Cheshire Quinnipiac University Transition Collaborative Reviews

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After finishing my first year, I would recommend Quinnipiac to rising seniors. I had trouble at first making friends and I still wouldn't say I have "found my people", but I put myself out there, joined the dance team, and kept a 3.88 GPA as a nursing student. The academics are strong and there are so many activities and clubs to get involved with on campus. Financially, it is an expensive school, but so far it is worth the expense. I am excited to get more involved and make friends, the social life is also great here.
I liked everything about the school , communication was good , the whole team helped me a lot . I would preferably say that has been a great experience , with amazing people , very organized and determined to help you with everything .
Love QU! Like every school, it’s got its ups and downs, but the people are fantastic, professors are great and my driving need to learn gets satisfied on a daily basis.
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It's a great day to be a bobcat because this program helps a lot of people achieve what they want to do in life. I appreciate all the help that was received.10/10 would reccommend.
Quinnipiac is an amazing university and the campus is amazing. The academics definitely prepare you for the field you are going into. There are always opportunities for students if they want. The only change I would like to see at Quinnipiac is more diversity.
Nothing, really. I enjoy everything about QU, and I think I can thrive here as a double major in theatre and journalism. These are the careers that I want to continue putting my time and effort in and I really do want to be successful in both of these fields.
This is a great institution! Professors are very supportive of students best interest. There are lots of activities for students to get involved in and the school has a great sense of community.
Excellent school. Love everything. Teachers are caring. Students are helpful. Dining is delicious. Library is quiet. Campus is filled with plenty of social opportunities.
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