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Attending Cheshire Academy has offered me so many opportunities that I otherwise would not have received if I had attended my public high school. From having friends from all over the world to being challenged academically and growing as a student, this school offers so much to it’s students. The teachers are out of this world, and are a huge support system. It’s a great place to be!
Cheshire's small, community focused environment allowed me to thrive in and out of the classroom. I had so many excellent experiences here - rigorous academics in the IB program, multiple leadership positions, involvement in countless clubs and sports team, support from teachers who truly cared about my success and well-being. I was able to grow into myself, establish my values and interests. I left Cheshire Academy poised to take on college. There are always negative things people can say about a place, but when I take a step back - away from the whirlwinds of any high school experience - I can say that I am truly grateful for my time at Cheshire. It is an excellent school!
My daughter just graduated and her time at CA was everything we’d expected and hoped for. She took advantage of the IB program, which we truly believe gave her an edge up on her college applications. She was able to try a new sport (ski racing), although not the fastest on her team, she had personal best achievements that boosted her confidence which indirectly benefited her academics. She got involved in clubs and organizations that really meant something to her and what she believes in and we are grateful to CA for supporting these clubs for the students to enjoy. The faculty and staff are all approachable, accessible and above all, caring. We never felt that our requests or needs were insignificant. We applied to many boarding and college preparatory schools and hands down, CA was the perfect choice for our daughter.
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Very welcoming school. Felt comfortable from the first visit. Easy for our child to become acclimated in an environment conducive to learning as well as personal and intellectual growth.
Cheshire Academy has made the excellent decision to hire Julie Anderson as the head of school. This decision has snow balled other great decisions and I truly believe great things lie ahead for CA.
Cheshire Academy is an amazing place that has really allowed me to grow so much and become the person I am today. I have made friendships with fellow classmates and faculty members that will last a lifetime!
I have made lifelong friends in a very supportive environment. I feel very valued as a student and that contributes a lot to my grades. My teachers are very involved in my work and overall well-being. I love this place, I have found my family, I have found my home.
Cheshire Academy is a close knit caring community. The teachers truly care about the well-being of their students in addition to their academic success. They are available well beyond the parameters of the academic day and give students many opportunities to demonstrate their learning. The school provides opportunities in athletics and art and many students participate in both! Their music department is outstanding! I have attended more than 10 concerts and each one is better than the last!
My stepdaughter attended the Academy grade 8-12. She had an incredible experience in the IB program and in the Roxbury Academic Support Program. She scored 1500 on SAT but needed help with organization and planning to do the full IB and Roxbury provided just what she needed! She was accepted to the college of her choice and is so prepared. Also, while she is not an athlete, she had the opportunity to be on a team by serving as a manager. It was a great experience for her all around!
The teachers at Cheshire Academy are truly invested in the success of their students. My teachers challenged me academically and supported me as I grew as a person. They encouraged me to try new things and to participate in many different activities on campus. While I tend to be an introvert, the discussion style of the classes taught me to speak up and participate actively. I became a confident student and eventually pursued the full IB diploma. The program was extremely challenging but my teachers supported me and encouraged me along the way. I feel incredibly prepared for college and am proud to have tested out of several general requirements for my freshman year. I also participated actively in music and theater. I love that in both programs students from a variety of backgrounds, interests and ability levels worked together to put on a concert or a show. I made lasting friendships through those activities!
The IB program truly prepared my daughter for college. She has become an excellent writer and critical reader. She has learned to interact with a text and can confidently look at all sides of an issue and speak to her opinion with confidence and clarity. She has placed out of freshman level courses and with the credits from IB, will have nearly a full year of college credits before starting her freshman year! I also credit her teachers who challenged her and supported her. The community is warm, caring and real.
My daughter found new interests and passion in writing, math, theater and music due to faculty who encouraged her to try new things. She was accepted for who she is and never felt as though she had to "fit in" or be a specific type of student to be happy and successful at the Academy. Teachers offered her extra opportunities, particularly in creative writing and computer science, to participate in contests which gave her the chance to meet others with similar interests and perform at a high level. She also had the opportunity to truly engage with students from all over the world.
If you come to Cheshire Academy, you need to take IB courses. Not only will they teach you the facts you need, but they'll teach you to think!
I have worked at a number of schools, but Cheshire Academy has been "home" for the past several. The interactions between faculty and students are genuine, the learning is real, and the relationships formed are strong. We say that we like to take people "beyond where they imagined possible," and at Cheshire that is true.
I liked my experience at cheshire academy, i loved the people i met and who I’ve grown up with foro the 3 years I’ve been here. The school does need a help in devolving its new buildings so showing gratitude always help for the school.
I really like Cheshire because we receive so much college prep that is so helpful. it's a small school but the community is very tight-knit. you either know everybody or at least know of everybody. there are no PE classes, so underclassmen must participate in two seasons of a competitive sport and upperclassmen must participate in one season. this is unique but very beneficial for the physical health and wellbeing of the students. the teachers are very nice and supportive with school and emotions.
I have had the best time at Cheshire Academy. I am a senior, three varsity athlete, partial IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma candidate (I take five IB classes), and an artist. The fact that I can be all that I am I think speaks to how amazing this school is. The teachers without a doubt are some of the best I have ever seen because each and everyone of them are so enthusiastic about their jobs that I feel motivated an captivated in each an every class that I take. Also there is an incredible community on campus because the teachers are integrated into the sports, arts, and other extracurriculars on campus. The basic curriculum, which is the IB program is so amazing because it prepares us for any college or university we go to, as well as life. Besides just teaching us what to think they teach us how to think in order for us to succeed.
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Cheshire Academy is a amazing educational institution. A place that is extremely diverse with students from around the world. Students who are focused on their education and future college goals. Students who are supported in unthinkable ways to not just pass but learn and excel with a deep understanding. Its a environment that promotes growth in both academics and athletics.
Cheshire Academy has given my daughter numerous opportunities to grow as both the student and an athlete. The teachers are constantly there when she needs extra help and willing to meet with her outside of school hours. The sense of family and community are particularly strong at CA. The education she is receiving as a full International Baccalaureate student has exceeded my expectations of the education I thought she was going to receive at CA. I would highly recommend Cheshire Academy as a top choice of a college prep school.
Attending Cheshire Academy was one of the best decisions I have made. It opened me up to so many opportunities and pushed me to become more outgoing and confident in myself. The teachers truly care about what they do, and it is a major benefit to the students. This school has changed me for the better.