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What liked about my experience at Cherry Hill West was that my teachers were all extremely nice and helpful.
Overall, I was really happy to have went to Cherry Hill West. The teachers I had while there were wonderful people, and they pushed me to be the best student I could be. I became pretty close with most of my teachers for that reason. Some aspects of the school could improve, for instance the school lunches served were not the best as I heard from most people. Also, the school should really crackdown on what kids do in the bathrooms, among other things.
Cherry Hill West is a very welcoming and great school. It has great teachers, who help its students really learn the material
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I like that they have extra help homeroom if you need extra help. I think everything is good and I would not like change anything.
I liked the variety of classes you can choose to take. If youre multi cultural theres classes that are designed for your specific ethnicity. For example Spanish Heritage is a class for only hispanics
Great school, wonderful teachers (especially AP), amazing music and theater program, average athletics, and nothing sub-par.
I loved everything about attending Cherry Hill High School West, from freshman year to senior year. The teachers are great and the classes are awesome. I have learned so much while attending. The teachers let you be a free thinker and answer questions that pertain to real life situations. I would high recommend CH West.
My favorite experience in Cherry Hill West is the art program. I am a member of the art club and in the National Art Honor Society. There is a lot of diversity in my school so I have met people from many different backgrounds. There are many clubs and activities for those who would like to take advantage
of extracurricular activities. I think what needs to improve is the anti-bullying policy and stricter rules .
The atmosphere of community that permeates the school environment is what drew me to the school in the first place. A lot of the staff do their very best to make students feel at home, and students have plenty of opportunities to explore their skills and interests outside the classroom in a wide array of engaging extracurricular activities.
Cherry Hill West is more diverse and they are more inclusive. The staff and faculty are more polite and do take time to speak to both parents and students. The teachers are caring and take the time to listen to students who need more attention.
I really like this school! The teachers are excellent, and the students are unparalleled. The only thing is that the school is old and often under construction that only temporarily solves the problem.
I attempted to utilize all that was offered at CHHSW to get the best well-rounded education to prepare me for college.
I would like to see the entire school change. This is a very nice, neat, and clean town. However, this school looked like a dump inside and out. There were always broken doors and windows. Money should have definitely been more put towards the maintenance and clubs/organizations as opposed to the principals back pocket.
I am a Grad of 2014, the school is basically falling apart, everything old, and the Board of directors are all stuck upon and ignorant.
I moved to Cherry Hill in the middle of a school year, and they have been so supportive and helpful during my transition. I am on sports and music and am getting ready to graduate. The teachers have been very helpuful.
Cherry Hill West was a great place for my four years of college. The teachers I've had have always been more than helpful and more than willing to spend the extra time with you that you need to be successful.I played soccer my freshman year and the coaches and teammates were all wonderful too and helped me grow in the sport. Over my four years here I feel like I've grown as a person and also academically.
Everyone in the school will work hard to help you. I joined a sport I never played my second year in highschool. The coach was so helpful and put in extra time to help me improve. The principal is remarkable. One of the most understanding kind hearted open people I've ever met! When you have an idea to share he is always open to listen! His secretary is so kind and brings me joy just speaking with her. I've seen kids act out and his first thought isn't the punishment, it's to help them, and try to understand them. Of course they are punished, but I've always noticed he really tried to understand and help them before punishing. They have an extra help center during the day and after school they have tutors for at least an hour there to help if you need it. It's a remarkable place and I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a West Lion.
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In my past three years at Cherry Hill West High School I have had some great experiences. I have made some wonderful friends and met some amazing teachers. One thing I would recommend that they would change is to have a better way of reaching the students about available opportunities in the community to get involved such as volunteering, clubs, and intramural sports.
I came into the school in the middle of sophomore year and was easily accepted and made a lot of friends.
I had a fantastic experience during my time at Cherry Hill West. There is such a sense of community at this school. I have built relationships with both students and teachers that will last a lifetime. I believe that with anything you get what you make of something. I made sure I was involved as I could in the West Community and had the greatest time all while obtaining an incredible education and learning experiences that allowed me to grow as a person and prepared me for college and the rest of my life. Go Lions!
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