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The teachers at Cherokee genuinely care about each and every student's academic success. Every teacher I had the pleasure of having took the time to check in on me whether it was about my academics or personal life. It may not be the prettiest campus, but the school itself is full of caring students and amazing peers.
Cherokee is an alright school. Some teachers are very helpful and really care about their students. Some of the administration are caring as well. The rest of the teachers obviously don't care. In quite a few of the honors/AP classes you end up teaching yourself almost everything. I had multiple turned in essays and tests randomly "lost" by certain teachers. Not the worst school but not the best either.
Cherokee had great experiences for me. There is a ton of school spirit and a lot of involvement from the student body especially with sports. Our sports teams are great and work really hard and the diversity is amazing. I think there could be more courses offered to improve college readiness such as an elective for money management but otherwise Cherokee was a great school.
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This school is probably the worst high school in Georgia. There are a lot of things wrong with it, not the least of which is that an active sewage plant is built about 80 feet away from the school. Bathrooms have very boneheaded divider placement, with one even having the ability for a student to stick a phone camera AROUND it to record someone, or even have enough space to look through it normally. The school has students who aren't able to even put vape batteries in the right way, leading to them detonating in teachers' hands when they confiscate them. The academics are passable, but not great; our school has a low graduation rate. Some teachers genuinely care, but you can't fix disinterest.
Cherokee High School was a great experience. There are so many different activities to take part in, clubs, sports, and fun classes. It is a great place to meet new people and create life long friends. The teachers are very accommodating and are always there is you need them.
Finding friends and people to hang out with was easy, my teachers for the most part were nice, but being so close to a sewage factory made the classrooms literally smell like crap.
Many students at CHS go on to attend major, top-ranked universities. This is due to motivated students and parents, very committed and knowledgeable teachers, and a plethora of AP courses offered. My daughter attended Cherokee HS and was very well-prepared when she entered college. CHS also offers many extracurriculars that students can get involved in, such as sports, academic clubs, service organizations, etc.
Cherokee High School has astonishing teachers who will help you out no matter what. It has a diverse community of people from different back grounds. The school may not look the cleanest but it is about 30 years old give or take. If one went to the school one should be prepared to rush through the hallways because they are crowed. What one needs to do to avoid this issue is to leave the classroom as quick as one can.
freshman year at this school was tough. Teachers were not all that helpful and graded like college. Second year did get easier as the days went on and i made amazing friends and great people and i will never forget my time with my band class because that is were my memories remain and stay.
Although it is an old school, I truly appreciate its authenticity and the teachers there, and the ones I had throughout my high school years were the best! They cared for their students and wanted to see them successful.
During my years at Cherokee High school, I developed an incredible friend group by involving myself in the clubs provided. All my teachers were always very helpful regardless of the topic I needed to talk about. Cherokee High school provided me with an incredible experience to be able to get connect to located hospitals right out of school. I graduated from Cherokee High with a CNA licence which out me ahead of the curve and allowed me more time and experience within the work field I desired.
I liked how everyone was a family. The teachers are like your friends and are very understanding. I could not see myself at any other highschool and I am very glad that Cherokee is where I ended up.
A school with lots of great things but not the best. Older campus and teachers are for the most part good.
I overall didn't like much about CHS. I think a lot of it could stand to change, including the location. That and it was packed. My fellow students were fun though, and the media center was really nice.
The teachers are nice. However, the school is next to a sewage plant so it stinks and is harsh on individuals with breathing issues. The students don't have the best conduct, once a student threw a dead groundhog into a busy hallway and only got three days suspension.
Cherokee High School's best quality is the student involvement when it comes to supporting the sports teams. However, that can only take a school that is more focused on singling out and policing individual students over education. Many students have graduated from CHS, not knowing how to do something considered fundamental such as an MLA formatted works cited page, thus putting them slightly behind their college peers.
I really enjoyed attending Cherokee High School. They really care about their students! However, one thing I would like to see change is students being more accepted. That is a hard thing but maybe having more assembly’s on the way we treat others would be helpful.
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It feels like a average run of the mill school. Nothing special about it besides it's size and it's park spots. What I do like about the school is that it has many forms of transportation for students and it has good food. It also has a few features that go the extra mile in some cases for students. Like if you don't have internet they let you rent a wifi pack to bring home for school work/
Cherokee High School was by no means excellent in every category. The campus is large and dated, the parking situation is stressful and unnecessary. But, Cherokee prepared me for the rest of my life. Now that I attend a Private University, with most of the students hailing from Private schools, I feel like I have an advantage. Cherokee taught me how to be a functioning human. The teachers there are so devoted to their craft and they adequately prepared me for an advanced education Post-High School. This school gives kids the real life advantage.
My softball experience taught me to be a strong leader and helped me grow as an athlete and person. The AP classes were challenging but rewarding.
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