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Cherokee Elementary School Reviews

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I don't have a clue.
toward students, great ... otherwise, kind of snotty
Too much homework for 2nd graders is beyond ludicrous
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Any sign of a problem, law enforcement is called.
Faculty do whatever necessary to assure success.
We've never been to any team games because there's too many wild deer & turkeys that come out after dark that come out in large groups after dark. Playing "dodge the deer" and "dodge the wild turkeys" are NOT my idea of enjoyment.
As far as I'm aware, these are non-existant
If there is even a slight indication of trouble (bullying, personal safety, illegal drug use, etc.) the cops are promptly called ... local police, sheriff deputies AND state patrol ... who show up within a few minutes after being called.
This entire area is very racist, folks who aren't white aren't welcome anywhere in this area including in the schools it seems.
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