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Overall, these past four years have been a roller coaster. The teachers are always ready to help and come equip with a sense of humor. We are always pushed to work harder and do our best work, but also make time to have fun.
Chequamegon High School is a great high school in northern Wisconsin. The atmosphere is good and the students are well prepared for their future. Most students are very involved in clubs, sports, or music programs.
Academics at Chequamegon High School had been rather poor. Teachers focused on getting through the day instead of teaching. Heavy influences of bias were present and bullying was and is not properly addressed by the staff and faculty as they brush(ed) it off as 'kids just being kids.'
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Not picture perfect but, culture is welcoming. The culture is evolving to become more positive and supportive. Conscious effort in face of the evil that is prevalent in society today, to make adjustments in the culture of the school to provide safety.
There used to be a good culture. We had a muffin cart that every kid looked forward to, we sang happy birthday in the lunchroom if someone had a birthday (which usually made their day),and even had a good, fun attitude when it came to sporting events that made it fun. It was a fun environment for awhile. Then it suddenly seemed that everything that made school fun for anyone went away. It seemed like there were so many rules forced upon the students that no one could do anything. The best part of the day for everyone was leaving. That's not what school is supposed to be. I used to look forward to at least one thing a day at school. I do not believe it is because the students are bad. I do not believe it is because the teachers are bad. Whoever is forcing this new "culture" upon us is to blame. I hate to see a school with such great potential that I saw my freshman year of high school slowly turn into a terrible environment for children to spend 8 hours a day in.
I like my teachers, and overall I don't mind going to school. However, I don't agree with everything about how the school is run. I feel the students at the school should have some say in the events that impact our lives. I don't feel like the school cares about the students in the way that it should. In addition, students will ask valid questions, and the school will flat out lie in order to avoid any problems.
Chequamegon High School has offered many different activities and clubs to its students, allowing us to be involved. With us being involved, many parents and grandparents are involved too, building our community and school. I would like to see a change in some things such as classes offered. I believe we should have a variety of classes offered in our high school that leads us to a better future.
Most of my teachers have made a positive impact on my high school education. My math program sophomore year has brought my academic ability down, and the administration would not listen to the complaints about the program from community members, students, or parents.
Bullying is not allowed in our school but whether or not any teacher catches the bully is another matter. Mostly in our school the students stick up for each other. If bullying does occur it is usually stopped as soon as it is reported.
I love all my teachers. They all love their jobs and care about the students. Our teacher have many different teaching techniques but I feel it is more beneficial to the students to learn and recognise the different ways teachers can teach.
Our cooks do an excellent job with our lunch. We have a good forty minutes to purchase and eat our food. During our lunch hour we usually get the opportunity to go play in the gym or hangout in the commons with our friends.
Our schools resources are fairly decent. We could do some improving in the bathrooms and maybe some class rooms but its all a matter of budget.
We have many class opportunities even for a smaller school. There are many AP and honors classes. There are many elective classes as well as core classes to choose from. We have many shop/tech ed classes, consumers ed, chemistry, physics, ITV classes, and many more.
Our extracurriculars aren't the most varied but not many students seem interested in having clubs. We have national honors society, forensics, embers (school literary magazine), Madrigals, and Jazz band.
The sport opportunities are very decent for our small size. We have football, track, cross country, baseball, softball, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, hockey, golf and basketball. All our students pull together to make these sports possible. We do great in our sports and take pride in the good job we do. Many of our students who are not into playing sports will surely be on the side lines cheering the team on!
I love my school. I love the small class sizes and the closeness of all the students. I have had many of great times with all my peers and teachers. That is another great quality of our school, we have very approachable teachers. If I had the chance I would definitely do it all over again right here at this close nitched small town high school.
A lot of sports, but very few clubs.
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I've liked all my teachers and they are good at their jobs.
I like my school, but there are not enough AP classes.
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