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Cheney makes you feel welcome and at home. The teachers are like family and care about you like your parents.
I would like to see more involvement in the arts. More support would be greatly appreciated, life is not all about sports.
I love Cheney High! The few things I would change would be the dress code and the no facial hair rule. Also, I would like to see more phones instead of them being prohibited. They are now apart of our life we can not just get rid of them.
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I loved my teachers at Cheney. I moved here here in fourth grade from the neighboring school. I never once felt left out or like an outsider. Cheney welcomed me with open arms. The students are also very welcoming. I loved my experience overall at Cheney.
There are many teacher that you can tell care, but there are other that look like they wanna be anywhere else. The students have a bad attitude and teachers don’t do much to change it. There are many cliques and not very inclusive. Facility can be rude and inconsiderate, mostly office staff.
Cheney Highschool is a great small town community. I'm so glad for my experience to grow up and attend school here. I highly suggest Cheney, Kansas.
I love this school. The building is very nice and just had a lot of upgrading. The teachers and administration are kind and want their students to succeed. The athletics and academics are very successful for being such a small town and school. The only thing I would like to see change is the rules. The school board has held on to some outdated rules that need to be changed, and the administrations and teachers sometimes feel strangling to the students while enforcing the outrageous rules. No facial hair, no leggings, and strict lunch rules are a couple of examples. Rules are not always bad though, still a great school!
I love Cheney High School. They help you become the best you and do anything they can to get you ready for college, military or anything else that your future needs. The teachers care about each and every student and would help you in just about in situation. We are a big family out in Cheney. The entire town comes out to football and basketball games and we all support each other.
This school has many amazing teachers who are interested in your future. The counselor is willing to help you with anything you need. She helps you find colleges and ways you can pay if you have financial troubles. The Principle and Vice Principle are very interested in the student culture and try to stay on top of everything. The teachers are great if you need someone to talk to. They offer nice extracurricular activities like Forensics, Debate, Battle of the Books and others if you are not into sports. This is a good school to go to. All you usually have to worry about is other students sometimes.
Cheney High School does a great job preparing students for college. As a recent alum and current college student I can honestly say that my transition from high school to college was very smooth, and I felt that I was better prepared for my college classes than most of my classmates. All of the facilities are very nice; Cheney recently passed a bond to renovate the school as well as the athletic facilities. The community and parent support is great. The people that live in Cheney really care about the students; there is rarely an event - sporting or fine arts - that does not have good attendance. The one negative that I have about Cheney High School is the school lunch. I packed my lunch every day. The time allotted for lunch wasn't very long either; it was about 25 minutes, so I think they could lengthen that. Overall, my experience at Cheney High School was a very good one.
Overall Cheney is a very good school. The people are fantastic and the teachers are amazing. However, being a small town school, there are many issues with diversity and the LGBT community. Being an LGBT student has been very difficult here and the administration is not incredibly willing to protect its LGBT students.
Cheney High school has great teachers and offers a wide variety classes for a small school. Cheney has great academics as well as fine arts and sports.
Going into my senior year I have had to opportunity to be apart of the Cheney School District for 9 years. Cheney has taught me the importance of integrity, empathy, and respect. We receive amazing support from our community. If I could change anything I would change the fairness. Throughout my years I have witnessed multiple students treated differently than others in similar circumstances. Everyone should be treated equally because that is something we need to be breeding into these next generations.
Schools are only as good as their teachers and Cheney has the best for sure. All of my teachers at Cheney High School went above and beyond for me. They made themselves available around the clock and kept things interesting. I also loved my coaches at Cheney. They push you to do your best and make every season a great one!
The atmosphere here is great. The community is very involved with the school and helps out with a lot of things. Recently the students been given so many class opportunities and the school is looking to add even more classes in the upcoming years. Not only is the school looking to improve academics, they have also improved things for sports. Just recently a new gym was built along with a new baseball/softball complex.
Cheney High School is a great place to be. People of all kinds are accepted and thrive in the atmosphere. In this small school, the teachers and staff truly care about you, not only during school but also outside of school. The whole town supports the athletics and fine arts programs. There is no better school than CHS!
I love the school atmosphere. The teachers all have a genuine care for the students and I feel right at home. It's easy to get one-on-one time with a teacher.
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The teachers at Cheney High School make it a wonderful experience for all involved.
The school has recently applied for a grant to improve all these areas and is making wonderful progress towards improving safety throughout the district.
I have been involved in a great variety of activities at Cheney High School and can only say good things about all of them. One of the best examples of how much the administration values the clubs and organizations are the "line the hall" activities. Even the oft-forgotten activities and sports such as girls golf, wrestling, and debate recieve state send-offs in a way that makes our teams feel valued and included.
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