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Chelmsford high school is an excellent high school. Student life is amazing and everyone is friendly and the staffs are wonderful and helpful and friendly and the school is full of life
I liked how there were classes for all range of academic abilities, and I was able to be challenged when I wanted to. One thing I would want to change is that the school is kind of old and run down so they should probably renovate since a lot of other school districts around us are building new schools or at least renovating.
During my time at CHS, I experienced nothing but positivity and full support from my classmates and teachers. The community at CHS is accepting and I found myself feeling comfortable within my first few weeks of my freshman year. The friends I made during high school were caring and always pushed me to be my best self - some qualities that truly embody the Chelmsford High School community. The music department gave, and still gives, me great joy. The experiences I had as a musician were unique and allowed for me to grow immensely as a musician. Whether it be playing in the all-student pit orchestra, being the marching band's drum major, or performing at jazz concerts, I had the time of my life with my fellow musicians and directors, and made memories I will never forget. One aspect that I'd change about CHS is that they should focus more on the performing arts. CHS emphasizes their sports more, but I feel like both areas are equally talented.
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The school has opportunities for everyone. The classes are great and there are a wide variety of options. The teachers do far more than expected for their students and always accommodate to everyone's needs. The music and arts programs are amazing. I feel accepted for who I am and always feel as if I have a group to join.
I think it is an alright school,nothing too impressive about it, teachers are hit or miss, students can be awful and honestly full of themselves. I would change the approach of just generalization to the students.
Chelmsford high school is a pretty small high school. It is known to be really good academically but only because people in chelmsford are white and wealthy. Compared to other schools, the class options are okay. There are no dual enrollment options and there are not many electives to choose from. Majority of the faculty are very nice and welcoming. The students can be problematic at times because they are just bored.
I think the school overall is okay, they follow the curriculum and challenge students but ive had issues with teachers. Ive had some teachers that are there to help students learn and support them the best they can and Ive had teachers that have no problem failing kids and dont try to help them at all. I think the staff definetly isnt the best and the school is run down.
I think Chelmsford is perfectly average, but this is a down fall because it sort of promotes mediocrity.
Every student always has someone that they can go to when they need someone to talk to or if they’re just looking for guidance. If I had to describe Chelmsford High School in one word, I would use the word community. You will never find another school that has the same sense of community as this school does. Between the faculty and the students, the environment is great!
The people are phenomenal, this staff truly cares about their students. The school offers an abundance of clubs and activities, as well as sports, musical ensembles, and a thriving theatre program. There are teams of teachers that serve as resources for students, and the administration encourages all to make the absolute most of their four years there.
Chelmsford High is like most other high schools. There are kind teachers and dreaded ones, social events of varying quality, and a fluctuating student spirit. The lunches are definitely in need of improvement for quality, and the bathroom's hot water system only recently came back online. The building itself could use some structural work too, but over all, it could be much, much worse.
Chelmsford High School has great academics and after school activities. Most of the teachers are wonderful.
My time at Chelmsford High School was just like any other high schooler's experience, it was only fun because I had my friends. Academics at this school weren't necessarily challenging at least for me, at times I just didn't want to try. The school had a lot of dumb rules over the years that I was there like no cell phones in the halls which didn't last long at all. I wish they would change the food they served, it looked uncooked and gross. During my senior year they got rid of the frozen yogurt and the wrap line which they should have brought back because wraps and salad were they only things I would buy for lunch, they also didn't look bad as the rest of the food.
I would like more club sports because the sports commitment is 5-6 days a week and I think that is too much for most students. I would also like more funding for the arts, specifically to have more photography courses available.
I love the ability to connect with involved teachers and build long lasting relationships. These teachers and coaches have acted as mentors to allow me to succeed while learning lessons. The classes here are very good as I've seen my grades skyrocket since middle school. Sports and clubs are taken care of very well as I play soccer, track, and participate in other clubs. In my experience the environment is very supporting and accepting. All around it is a great school but it still has a few things to improve on. These include of better food, helping us get ready for college a little more, and teaching us life lessons to be prepared for the real world.
Our academics are decent, and we have a relatively good music program. The physical appearance isn't so great.
my school has a tendency to change the schedule every year. I would like it to be the same for at least two years.
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What I liked most about Chelmsford High School was the amount of classes it offered and the teachers. They are kind and incredibly helpful during classes and most stay after school to offer extra help if you need it. However, the administration can sometimes be a problem. They are slow to respond to urgent problems and don’t do their jobs well. The school food is also not very good.
At Chelmsford high school I enjoy the way the school was run. Having three house offices and being broken up by your offices it easier to meet more staff and become closer with the people who are guiding you through your high school career. The school has been changing with more rules in place so I enjoy the way it is l.
The teachers and staff truly care about your success and wellbeing. The school is kept at a typical cleanliness and the food seems to be poor to average quality. The music, theatre and are programs are very well funded and are very appreciated. All three programs are amazing.
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