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What i liked about Chavez High is that there are classes in where students can help put Special Ed kids and also the clubs and programs they give. So students dont feel left out. It is a good school but the problem with it is that there are many fights and well many small businesses such as drug selling in it.
As a student at Chavez High School, the overall high school experience is there. Some teachers and administrators are the most supportive and caring. One thing that should change is the student environment. Students need to learn how to grow out of toxicity and to choose joy. You only live through high school once, don't ruin it for the whole bunch.
I enjoyed my high school experience wish César E Chavez high school. There’s many different pathways to choose from based on your interest. There challenging Classes for you to take such as AP and IB classes. Majority of the teachers are good and will help you with anything you need.
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Chavez was the best 4 years of my life. I developed a wonderful support group of friends and teachers who all cared about my academic progress and well-being. The school can be kind of segregated in an academic sense where those in the more advanced programs are paid more attention to, however there are programs, counselors and all forms of help set in place for any student looking to move up the ladder of success. Here, you just need to open up and know when to ask for help. If I had to honestly list one complaint, it would be that the attendance office is probably the most unwelcoming spot on the campus.
The school was okay, it was close to home. I played football 2 years there and diversity and academics was okay
Chavez High School has diversity. Everyone is welcomed there. If you like sports this is the ideal school.
The most I enjoyed about my school was the amazing teachers that I meet. Yes, there was teachers that were a bit difficult, but the majority of them you could tell that teaching made them happy. The teachers I had welcomed their students like if they had meet them for years. I feel if I had a problem I could go with any of my teachers and they will listen to me and give me advice. In each year I always had a teacher that I loved. Two teachers that I could go to if I just wanted someone to hear me was Mr. Setien and Coach Sarabia. Both of them made my years incredible. A teacher that I could tell enjoyed teaching was Mr. Johnson, he was like no other teacher. He actually explained the subject good and showed us examples to understand better. I will forever remember them and most likely go visit them because they made my high school experience good.
My experience at Chavez High school has been very changing. From the leadership and team work in sports to the handwork and support in the classroom. The teachers and staff want nothing more than to help the students succeed, while done my best as a excelling scholar in hard core classes. My time at Chavez High school has not been only life changing, but my appreciate and value every life changing moment.
My experience with Chavez High School has been okay . The school has some perks about it like having diversity , different programs , and sports . Although it has its pros it also has its cons . For example fighting of course it's not the school's fault , but I do think they could've had a better approach to this situation . Not only that I didn't have a teacher for the first half of the semester for Chemistry .
I loved how I made so many friends at Chavez and the soccer department especially was my favorite. I made so many memories with my team that I will never forget. The IB program at Chavez is great too filled with many great teachers that i learned to appreciate. If I ever needed anything, they were there to help me in any way. The school spirit there during homecoming week is great too. I created so many memories at Chavez that I will never forget.
I love my school because it has a special uniqueness. There are some truly brilliant young coming up from a school that is expected to produce average students. I love my school's theatre department as we run every event that is held within our spaces which is about 80% of them. The unity we have within the department is one unlike anything though possible. Everyone is unique and special, no one is judged for who they are as a person.
My time at Chavez has been great with all these extracuricular activities but this year was the worst since the school kicked out some teachers due to low money and the lunch system is horrible since clubs are struggling to find a time for meetings. The school also the IB program but I would've really loved if the school kept some AP/ dual credit classes.
One main issue I had at Chavez was the College Counselors. In the first meeting with your assigned counselor, they will be nice and support you but over time they will not let you know about the scholarship opportunities until it is 3 days before the due date. Then if you forgot any paperwork they will blame it on you. I understand that it is the students' responsibility but it is so unprofessional to tell the students that it is their fault and give them an attitude. It did not only happened to me but to many other students. Overall, the IB program helped me be prepared for college and I would encourage students to have at 1 or 2 classes of IB if they have the opportunity to.
All schools have their flaws, there isn't such thing as a perfect school. Was my experience in this school overall good? I did have an overall good experience at this school. It's the students or classmates that make the school experience better.
It’s okay, a lot of changes has happened recently that I personally don’t agree with like taking away the one hour lunch that they had and classes are somewhat always crowded
What I liked about Chavez High School is that our spirit week was very fun and we got to go all out. Chavez let us express who we really are by letting us wear our own clothing. Chavez was strict but they really taught us real work and education.
I like how Chavez has many different clubs and sports that you could participate in and many programs you could apply to. There are IB and DP programs which not many schools have and it has a variety of electives that you could choose from. There is free dress, so you could choose what you want to wear and express yourself. My favorite part is that the teachers are very considerate and that I have made some new close friends while attending Chavez. It was a fun experience for me and I really enjoyed it. However, the only thing I would change is maybe lunch time because it is always crowded trying to get lunch and the restroom 45/20 rule. I don't think that this is a good rule since sometimes people do have a serious emergency and they need to go, but they can't to the restroom. Overall, this is how I feel about my time so far in Chavez High School.
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Chavez has had a bad view for years as my sisters graduated from there. But my experience was great. Although Academics are not the best, I found a lot of great teachers although all that taught AP. The college readiness is pretty bad as it’s not given to you but if you look for it through teachers or someone, it’s there. There’s always someone that cares for everyone. I loved how easy it was to get involved, how welcoming it was to join a sport. I am not an athletic person but I learned how to swim at Chavez through the coach and he gave me the opportunity to be in the varsity team and grow school spirit. However, if I was someone looking to go to college for a sport, Chavez would not be the ideal place. It’s an experience that I’ll always remember. I graduated Chavez in June of 2018 and currently attending college.
Chávez High School is an overall good school. The atmosphere of this school is not bad at all , mostly all students ,teachers,and staff are very comprehensive.Teachers and staff are always there to help, it can go from teaching,counseling,to making great friends with them. Students are very alike from each other because many want to succeed and want to have a great future.College Readiness in Chavez is a big deal, from having great staff in the lobo dean to bringing in colleges to help us choose our career and future.Having a diverse of clubs and sports in this school is great because it leads for many students to participate in school activities, and Chavez has this. If you will like a successful school, Chavez High School is the way to go.
Chavez was a good school to me, I liked how every teacher I’ve ever had tried their hardest to make everyone in class understand what they are teaching us. The teachers don’t only help you with school work but if we need anything or need someone to talk to they are there. I also like how the students aren’t as bad we all mind our own and will help each other with the work. Loved my experience at Chavez and I will really miss high school.
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