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My high school is in a very rural poverty area YET we have many clubs, sport groups, and students placing and winning state competitions. We have the most wonderful administration and teachers that give 100% and support each and every one of us. Chattooga has prepared me for college by allowing me to enroll in dual enrollment classes which will save me on my college costs. I transferred from another county school so that I could benefit from this program. This is my mother and her family alma mater and the football field is named after my grandfather. We have the most school spirit and are all proud to be a Chattooga Indian. ONE TRIBE!
I have went to Chattooga High School for 4 years and I have enjoyed it. They have good teachers and I’m in the soccer team. I’m proud of going to this school.
A New school campus has set the tone for the diverse education inside. Over 14 dual enrollment courses, AP courses and a vocational program that is one of top in the state. Chattooga serves students with needs and provides services for all levels of educational success. Athletics are one of top programs in state with state playoffs in football, softball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, track/field and more.
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CHS is a flawed but overall decent high school. The campus is unfortunately not kept very clean. Bathrooms are cleaned regularly but you are unable to notice (For example KKK is written in many of the bathroom stalls). The cafeteria food here is horrendous, I'd advise you to bring your own lunch if you are able. In terms of teachers we have some truly gifted instructors that love to teach, but I get the sense that some of them just don't care. I'm mostly enrolled in the advanced/college prep classes. But what I have seen from the general ed teachers is not exactly the best. Thankfully I do feel rather prepared for college, mostly because the dual enrollment English teacher is great. CHS has a lot of potential but overall we could use some serious improvement.
Chattooga High school is an all around fantastic school. Really and truly any Chattooga county school is. All of the staff here at Chattooga High are amazing. The staff will talk to us if we ever need to talk and they all treat us the same. They treat us all as if we were their own kids. All of the teachers and administrators here help us do our best to succeed through out our years in Chattooga High school. I love everything about Chattooga and I could not ask for a better school. The only thing I would change about my school is the food be a little better
Chattooga High School is a very diverse school in rural Chattooga County, GA. This high school prepares students for continuing education and to compete at college level academically. Students are able to dual enroll in local colleges to further prepare them for their next step in education.
I love Chattooga High School because it feels like we are all one big family. All of the teachers truly care about education.
At Chattooga High School, I truly believe you get out what you put in. If you want to take difficult classes you have that option and if you want to take the easiest possible classes, you can do that as well. In my experience, all of the teachers are friendly and are willing to talk about anything, which helps boost the educational experience and allows students to be mentored. There is not a large amount of clubs to be involved in, but there are enough that I believe anyone would be able to find something to suit one of their interests. The school building was just built a few years ago and is very nice. Finally, the school administration stresses how much they care and love all the students which I truly believe to be sincere.
Chattooga high school is a very good school.There is great teachers and we all get along very good.My time here has been very great and they only thing I would like to see change is the lunch room
Chattooga High School has proven time and time again that it should not be doubted. The students and faculty at my school have put a lot of time and effort into proving that everyone can be successful. Over the last four years Chattooga has shown that with hard work and perseverance, anything can be accomplished. Against all odds our academics and sports teams continue to rise up.
Chattooga High School is a very good school with plenty of opportunities for students that are willing to seek them and apply themselves. There are multiple clubs and organizations to be a part of, numerous dual-enrollment, AP, honors and gifted classes available. Each teacher has hours they are available for tutoring to students. There is more emphasis placed on the athletics program than the other programs but the other programs are available.
I loved the teachers at CHS! They get so involved with every student, no student is left behind. We have many diverse clubs and sports available to all students.
Chattooga High School has given me great connections to a pathway and teaches me everything needed in order to pass and be successful. Thanks to everyone here, I've had a great learning experience so far.
I am a freshman and my experience has been great so far. The classes are geared to preparing me for college. Very knowledgeable instructors that push you to strive to do your best.
Some of the teachers really care about the students, but there are many of them that could care less whether the student understands the material and passes the class or fails. You have teachers who will talk about students to other students in other class, making fun of them or complaining about how they don't understand the material. A few teachers really do care. Those are the teachers that go above and beyond for their students.
I am proud to be a senior at Chattooga High School. My high school offers many chances to take MOWR classes, and the teachers are always available to help their students achieve their goals. However, the school could always offer more opportunities for their students.
I have never witnessed any bullying but Im sure there is some.I feel safe at this school because of the area its in Chattooga County is a pretty safe county there is not that much crime in Summerville.The school resource officer is always available for assistance if it is needed.
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Its hard to get the counselor to help you with applying to colleges and get transcripts out.There are no after school programs unless you are an athlete.There needs to be more after school programs.
I would choose this school again because I made alot of friends here and my parents graduated from here.The atmosphere of the school is really great. I really enjoy being a part of the athletic program.I have enjoyed going to the prom all 4 years and my class will be the first to graduate from the newley built school.
The teachers are concerned sometimes about the students and their class work.The class seems to be to large for the teacher to give her undevided attention to them individually.Sometimes the teachers are not in control of the class they are not attentitive to the students so they allow some students to run the class.
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