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What I liked best about the school was that I didn't have to go to the resource center every day, and I could do the majority of my work online and finish quickly.
When I first moved to the school everyone was really nice and they helped me throughout the whole process. They follow up with things very quickly. They help you when you are in need of anything.
It's a pretty good school. It has its ups and downs. However because of the Charter School of San Diego I am able to graduate before my friends, who go to the traditional public school, do!
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I liked it cause it helped me work more on my career in music production cause of its scheduling.I also like the support from the teachers and they`re involvement on helping you graduate.
It was the ideal school for a transfer student like me who missed 3 months of school due to personal reasons, they helped me achieve my high school diploma in the few months I had left to graduate.
This school gave me a whole new opportunity to complete my high school education. I felt that this school gave me more one-on-one time, and everyone is so invested with each student to set them up for success!!
I liked how the teachers didn’t give up on you no matter how hard things got or difficult in school or at home. Also how they provide multippe opportunities to keep you going.
They give a lot of help with college readiness. All of the teachers there help with any little problem you have and also keep in contact with you all the time to see how you are doing even after you graduate.
Awesome school, very friendly environment, work at your own pace, stress-free, you could graduate early if you commit to it.
I feel this school has helped me focus more on my goals. It's an independent study school, so I get a lot of time for myself. My teacher is really nice and helpful and I can really focus on one thing at a time. Other schools have you do a bunch of classes all at once, but this school focuses on each class individually, which is really different and helpful.
I would consider my school to be a great alternative to a traditional school as it allows students to focus on their own schoolwork without distractions from other classmates or disturbances. The system of completing at least one credit a month allows students to focus on only one class instead of 5-7 classes at the same time. The school's program also allows student who are at a faster pace to advance quicker and finish high school sooner. If there was one negative I could add, it would be that there are not enough club and activities offered as, aside from an ROTC program, no sport, literature, or academic clubs are offered. Overall, I would say my experience at the Charter School of San Diego has been great for the three years that I have attended.
The Charter School of San Diego was a wonderful experience for me. They have dedicated teachers and staff and really encourage strong work ethic from their students. I was able to get through high school fast while learning a lot.
My experience at Charter School of San Diego was great! My grades improved and I had my own pace to work on. I wasn't twice as stressed as I was before when studying for tests, I improved mostly on my Math class.
The best experience I had at this school was being able to be helped one on one with the teacher and was able to focus more and be more independent
My experience at the charter school of San Diego so far has been great! I been there for 5 months and I'm already on track to graduate and went there with a lot of credit to make up. If I could change something about the school is the space . its a small class room for a lot of seniors.
The charter school of San Diego allows you to work at your own pace and gives you a unique experience in independent work.
This school is supportive with school choices and helps throughout the outcomes it could lead towards.
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The academics at this school is offering to be safe.
The school i attend to is free from bullying and is very safe.
Extracurricular opportunities at my school is going in to college.
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