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I came to Applied Tech in the third grade I came from a public school where everything was ran different. Applied Technologies was a great school to go to, they took the time to teach you new things and to help you learn the way you learn best. I am proud to say that my siblings and cousins attended this school with me and they feel the same way. It is very diverse and you have sports and clubs that you can join. Since it is a technology based school they teach you things like 3D printing which is awesome. So many students who don't attend that school may not have the opportunity to learn how to do those things. They also teach coding and many more technology things that we may need in the future. The teachers are nice to they don't just go to work for a pay check, but because they love to teach and they think of the students and staff as there family. Of course the school has things that can be fixed along with every school in the country. There are so many things that's been fixed.
I have gone to this school since I have been in kindergarten and now I'm on the verge of graduating with the same school I've started with. They truly do get you prepared for college, you just have make sure you take advantage of the opportunities. It's fantastic to walk through the halls and see everyone get along, teachers with students and student with student relationships are incredible.
My high school experience was great but I wish we had more things set in place to make sure we do our best. Also they don’t really care about telling or speaking about colleges until maybe senior year. I believe they should start freshman. Other than that my school was great.
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I have attended the Charter School for Applied Technologies for the past five years. I have met many new and interesting people, and also have made connections with companies that will help me in the future with my education and career. I, myself, feel accepted there, however, I feel as though they could put more effort into making students feel safe and understood.
My experience at Charter School for Applied Technologies was tremendous. It's a great school to attend and the school's curriculum is straight-forward. Your teachers and staff refuse to let any of the students fail, and it's almost impossible to fail and failure isn't an option when it comes to this amazing academic infrastructure. They offer intervention after school for children that can use any additional help from teachers, and it's a a chance of redemption if you ever missed out on anything important in class. Overall i recommend parents to enroll their children into that school, children can actually excel with various of life skills that are being taught. They offer business in marketing classes, they offer internships and Seminars. They offer barbell clubs, boys & girls clubs, and along with other after school activities.
Charter school for applied technologies is a school that you'd want to go to if you want teachers who won't only help you in school but after school, they have staff here who want you to succeed and does that by taking hours out of their days to tach and make sure we understand the material presented to us. I love going to this school because the people here go above and beyond to make sure they meet our requirements and put out best foot forward.
The teachers are very helpful and are always trying to help students to learn and succeed. They helped with applying for colleges or trade schools. The school is small but growing. There is a lot of activities and clubs that are started by students to help get others involved in the school community. Like Science Olympiad, National Art Honors Society, And National Honors Society.
I loved how it was a small school therefore you knew everyone. Everyone was very friendly and supportive of each other. There was always opportunities arising like sports, band, theater, etc. The teachers were always willing to help you and the school environment was the best I've ever experienced.
Charter School for Applied Technologies is a really good school for kids. Teachers here make sure you are prepared for the outside world not only academic wise but as a person. Staff cares about students and make sure they are always doing good. Whenever I needed help, there was always someone that was open to help. People here are friendly and very welcoming. In my 4 years of high school in this school I've had a great experience. Everything was nothing but laughs and good grades. I had a lot of friends and great relationships with teachers, even the ones that didn’t teach me.
They are very good they really help prepare you for college, since I started my senior they have been educating us on how to apply for college, FAFSA and scholarships, they gave us two weeks of what is called the senior experience which was very very very helpful because I had no idea where to begin with the college process. They helped me understand they were different types of student loans one from the federal government and one from the state (Pell and tap) respectively which I had no idea existed.
They have amazing teachers and have had many come and go, like most schools. However, the amount of students in the building make it hard to move quick to class. And it leaves less one on one time with the teachers...and as a senior who can struggle from time to time, it is necessary to have.
Very good education, however student population is not very respectful. Teachers and Admin are often taking verbal abuse from students which is handled appropriately.
I used to go to the charter school, grad of 2014. I didn't really feel prepared to go to college or prepared for life, but I enjoyed my teachers and my friends. I feel like the school has hit a hard spot in the high school at least. I do like how they expanded the middle school into its own building, but it sucks that it is far away from the elementary and high school. The school really needs a better field for their sports.
Very friendly and a great learning environment. Small enough for every one to get to know each other and an absolute great band program still holding 1st place champs!
I liked some of the teachers, most of them were nice. I would like to see the lunch program change. There were many clubs for students to join, but there were none that really caught my interest. The writing club died within 2 weeks, which wasnt good on the schools part.
The teachers at CSAT are fantastic! However, some of the higher staff members, like administration, have a weird type of favoritism for some students who don’t behave like they should. The way they handle dress code is also unnecessary, since they will either not let you get lunch for being out of dress code, or they will make you get out of class to do so, which wastes time. It’s also annoying to have to buy a pair of all black sneakers or shoes.
I love how close the study body is and how teachers are dedicated to helping the students succeed. There is just a positive energy surrounding the school that makes you wAnt to be there
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Teachers are amazing, challenge students, yet empathetic to their needs. Willing to work with parents and students to achieve the best academic outcome. Technology class starts in kindergarten 2xs a week, PE daily, art, music, Spanish, and project lead the way all excellent.
My experience was a positive time. The teachers were always available to help and assist in anything I may need or have trouble with. My friends were up-lifting and helpful. The school was very small so everyone knew everyone and we all got along well. The generalized academics were well thought out and advanced the knowledge of myself and my peers.

The only thing I would like to see changed is the curriculum. I am in a profession (architecture) that was not available to study at the school, along with many other careers of people I know. If the school were to offer diverse topics, the academics and the futures of the teens that go there in the future will have more opportunities to figure out what kind of profession they would want to go into.
The HS is the equivalent of an inner city public school in Buffalo - only worse. It is so bad, that the teacher turn over rate is horrible. Even when it comes to school social workers. The MS and Elementary school aren't any better. The bullying is out of control and nothing is done for it. You will get a good line about how this is a school of "privilege" but don't buy into it and send your kids somewhere else. This school was great before their expansion and now they are more about themselves than the kids. Communication with teachers is abysmal at best. I know teachers who teach here who would never send their kids. Don't do it.
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