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I have enjoyed all 4 years i have spent at Charlton county high. Over the past 4 years i've made so many great friends and relationships on and off the field while playing softball.
My overall experience at Charlton County High School Had been amazing. This school, besides being proficient at education, also supports many extracurricular activities as well.
I really liked being able to take dual enrollment classes. I have already taken 30 credit hours of college classes for free through dual enrollment, which will allow me to get a bachelor degree in three years. TI also like that my high school is a single A school. My classes are usually pretty small, which means teachers are able to help students more. So, I feel like have learned a lot better in many of my classes because of this.I also really like how we have a commons area to eat lunch, so not everyone is crowded in the lunch room.
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I liked that Charlton County High School is a small, close-nit community school. You will know every student apart of the high school with you and every teacher will get to know you on a personal level.
The teachers were nice. The students were nice for the most part. Rules on headphones were a little too strict. Otherwise a great school.
Charlton County High School was a very interesting experience. There was struggle, success, tears, anger, and excitement throughout my four years. My favorite part of the school was the band program. This program was a life changing experience causing the many emotions throughout high school. Our school is open and I would like to see improvements to the foundation of the school. Overall if I had to choose to go back and go to a different school I would still choose Charlton County High School.
At Charlton, I always had the assistance when I needed it. The teachers are good, the people are great. The only thing I'd wish to change is some of the ways we are provided education. We don't have as much resources as we could possibility need.
I was able to complete all of my high school classes and will have 30 hours of college classes finished before graduation.
I love our school! The small community thrives in this schools environments. Everyone knows everybody and in oneaway or another we help take care of each other’s. I would love to see more leaders rise up in our school and overall community. I pray to see us reach out of our comforts zones and collective groups to others who aren’t in our orniginal friends group.
Attending high school at Charlton County was overall your average small-town experience. My graduating class was a total of 65 people, and each and every one of us knew each other. For the most part, we were all very close because the fact we grew up together. Sports revolved around everything, maybe because attending a sporting event was one of the very few activities occurring in our small town. We were and still are so competitive, being a 1A school never stopped us from winning. With that being said, I can honestly say I wouldn't have wanted to go to any other school. I love my small town.
It is a small town high school with a small town feel. Many of my teachers were great. They tried their hardest to prepare us for higher education, but I do not believe that the school had the resources or funding that it needs.
When I arrived at college, I was not very prepared. I only had some experience with AP classes (one was online) and college classes that were offered for dual enrollment. The dual enrollment opportunity was really amazing, because classes are free and count as college credits.
What I liked about cchs was the class sizes are small so students can get the help they need if they need it. The teachers are friendly and willing to assist students with their school problems and/or life situations when applicable. The band program is really my favorite though. They perform well beyond their expected talent level for their ages and the band instructors always make sure the students are doing their best and help them reach the potential that they are capable of.
The food served in the cafeteria was affordable for the school's budget, but it wasn't as healthy as it could've been, nor did it taste good most of the time. But overall, I loved attending school there.
My school has okay safety services. We do have a camera on the entry door, but that is about all we have for the safety of students.
My school has very little amount of opportunities.
In all honestly i do not know if i would choose to go to the same school if i could do it all over again, for the simple reason of there are not a lot of things to get involved in.
The teachers at my school are all great people, but a lot of them are there to receive a paycheck instead of teach us.
The teachers are helpful that are very knowledgeable and caring.
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My school recently adopted the "buzz in" system. Our front doors are always locked and every visitor must be apporved to enter. I feel very safe at my school.
a lot of military recruiters come
I love the way our coaches are they treat the team like family and if you mess with us your in trouble.
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