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Charlotte-Mecklenburg High School Performance Learning Center Reviews

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i been here for four years, it been fine. The teachers are really helpful and plus you can get more attention then most high schools in Charlotte. The classroom size are small. Also they provide cpcc classes for free. This school might have there ups and down but its good for the 8th graders who coming out of middle school
My school Performance Learning Center is a school full of opportunity. In my school you can get college credit while in High School, I personally take advantage of this opportunity. I am a High School senior and I have already taken about 7 college courses and in this coming year plan to take about 7 more. My school is also small we have less than 200 kids and it is great! I do not have to worry about large classes and you really get to know your teachers on a close level. It helps keep the learning environment positive and encourages everyone to be their best self. Also my school takes it upon themselves for us all to know our options and look to our future, which is why we go many college tours each year to help the students think about their future. My school is not perfect, no school is but it has many ups to it and I wouldn't want to go to any other school.
I really love this school and the amount of help and assistance they provide for the kids! it's a wonderful school full of loving and caring teachers but I would like to see the teens more involved in their school and school work
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PLC was the best choice I ever made leaving my last highschool, I had one on one help and also grew bonds with many teachers and peers.
I would like for it to go back to what it was before I’ve heard so many complaints with the new changes but I know that it is a great school and I would recommend it to many people who like a small environment, close connections and successful achieving grades.
Everywhere in our school is safe, we have a no bullying policy and also we stick up for each other our school is one. You matter, we all matter. We have the best staff and the best teachers and security. Health related things are always taken care of and done with love and care. It's amazing.
There are many things that make it the best. We have different organizations you can get into to help benefit you in the long run and now. The most popular are the spirit weeks and activities we participate and also the off campus volunteering and caring for the elderly.
I've experienced so much in this school and I would like my sister and brother to attend as well. It's unique because everyone is they're own person and you get to see who they are through many activities, at lunch it's never a problem and everyone bonds in many ways. Me myself have met new people from different cultures and different classes. It's the best experience ever. Even the principal is magical, She's family to everyone.
This school is the best. I went to a school last year that was just so mind taking and I couldn't focus and I went to PLC and they helped me so much. I have college plans and even a college major I want fulfill. The teachers are like family and the students are my siblings. Its the best experience even for the worse of times your still learning.
My senior year I didn't take school serious and flunked my classes. I could say the same for my sophomore year also. I was given the chance to recover so i could graduate on time and being at this school taught me that. Most teachers want to see you succeed and will do anything to help. There is no type of privacy the teachers all wanted to be in your business and the principal will literally drive to your house to find you or talk to your parents. The principal will do anything in her power to help provide for her students though.
Be on time for school.
There are different attivities for every to get into.
When it comes to needing help with anything my school is top notch. The teachers really care about you and you can see they want you to succeed. Their motto is "You matter". I can honestly say I feel very loved at my school from all the staff. Our CIS (Communities In Schools) coordinator takes very good care of us and makes sure we have everything we need. The school building itself needs a lot of work. It's very old and it could use some updating. We have college prep and ACT/SAT prep classes online to help us when it's time to take the test. Overall very good resources.
My school is very small so we don't have many athletic activities. However we have a fitness club run by an ex-marine. We also have a basketball hoop so during lunch kids can go outside and play if they want. During the summer we are going to be getting a new track. The fitness at my school is not great right now but as of next year they will have many new physical activities for us.
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