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Charles Silvestri Junior High School Reviews

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It was generally a good experience. I got along very well with my teachers and passed with flying colors.
I give it a four stars because for bee a student there was the only place i was able to fit in without being juded by race and or color because silvestri make me feel like i belong. yes some of the education is hard but the teaches are there to help
The school doesn't actually care about bullying. They would rather give in school suspension instead of suspension or expell students. There were many shooting threats, bullying, and fights happening throughout the school years I was in. In my old school, nobody had fought that much. This school doesn't even have a principal.
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I was and still am a student at this school. The deans are strict, if I were to hug someone, I would get detention. There are rude students who are racist, rude, ect. On the other hand, I’ve made amazing friends here. The school has little clubs, and most clubs are on the same day, making me unable to join multiple. P.E is basically based off if we can run a mile in 10 or less minutes. The classes usually give little homework, and some teachers don’t even teach us anything! Parents are not allowed to do anything, they can’t go to school dances, events, ect. And to go to an event you have to pay a minimum fee. With around half the school coming from small income families, it is not fair to them.
you issues handled by police in less then an hour
They need more like track, archery
Principal and Mr Jacobs the Dean are great
The world GEO teacher and her PE teacher are two of the best I have seen in awhile better then mine
The teachers at my school are very helpful in my academics and I learn a lot from my subjects. For instance, in my AP Calculus class, I was afraid that I would struggle in the class and not pass the AP Calculus exam, but after giving us practice problems and advice on where our weaknesses lie, I can easily get a 4 on the exam. The teachers really do care about the education of their students.
Its not the greatest, but the available options get the job done.
The school was very diverse and i saw very little challenges in regard to ethnic/racial diversity.
Some teachers are great, while others are in serious need of improvement with their teaching standards and practices.
There arent many sports or clubs students can join after school. and even of the clubs and sports there are, the equipment and activities in place arent up to date.
When i went to this middle school, i saw bullying all around and teachers and staff often did not even see; however when they did they did try to handle the situation and end conflict. but now there are more safety promotions within the school and a SAVE club that prevents bullying and i think the school has improved to help the students feel safer within their school.
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