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Charles Page High School will always hold a special place in my heart, I loved dancing for the school and even learning here. I found some of my best friends at this school. The teachers and administration always took any situation and tried their best to make the school a healthier place. Due to Covid-19 my senior year was cut short, but that didn't stop the teachers at CPHS to try and make it still worth it. One of the most important thing I've learned at Charles Page from a very special teacher and stuco director - Frank Cooper, Mr. Cooper is to "give often and love deeply" that put such an impact on my life, especially during all the hard times. Ive had the best three years of High school experience at Charles Page!
I really enjoyed going to high school here everyone helped you out if you needed it or they seen you were struggling. You will make great friends here or meet enemies , you never know. Overall, pretty good school if you stay on task and actually show up to class.
It’s a good school, but the culture can be toxic. Some of the teachers are outstanding and care about students, but others are just there and don’t care if a student actually learns the curriculum or not.
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Charles Page High School is a perfect example of a school that cares about their students and supplies the staff with any supplies needed in the classroom. the teachers in the sand springs school district make sure you are ready for anything outside of high school, for example, my math teacher has been teaching her students about investing in stocks which has taught me and multiple other students how to invest wisely in the future.
I like the wide range of academic classes, but it would be nice if there was more electives. The teachers are great. The classes are relatively moderate. I love the off campus lunch that the school offers for the juniors and seniors. Most of the teachers are understanding and will help a student in need. The hallways are a bit cramped because the building is a bit old. Charles Page High School is very diverse.
The students and the teachers in Charles Page make an amazing amalgamation of a school. The environment is vibrant and active, which helps motivates students throughout the day. The general atmosphere is very supportive, and it is rare to find someone who is not eager to assist you in practically any endeavor.
Honestly this school does have some teachers that leave you wondering how they got their degrees, however there are a few that make up for it. The ones that actually care for their students and worry not only about their success but also their wellbeing. The classes are diverse but some of them tend to be blow off classes that leave much to be desired. Overall, one you find your groove and group in classes, such as drama, you feel at home and a part of something.
We are a relatively small, mostly rural high school running on a low budget. Don't mind the lack of hot water and usually empty paper towel dispensers and you'll be fine. That in which we lack we make of for in spirit.
One thing I would like to see change is the way people treat others. Respect is a big part of my life. When I see people disrespecting other students and teachers it make me so mad. I try to speak up but they always laugh at me and hang up on me and tell me to shut up and be quiet.
I love the community at Charles Page. People are kind and willing to help in whatever ways they can. I wish I could see more extracurricular activities that appeal to those who aren't involved in any typical school activities.
Growing up in Sand Springs I knew that I would someday graduate a Sandite, and it has yet to disappoint me. My entire high school career I have been blessed and surrounded by teachers who love me and genuinely want me to succeed. I don't know how you can top being loved, feeling wanted, and being important to the people around you. I have made unforgettable memories and friends that will be with me even after my days as a Sandite are over.
I have a love hate relationship with this school. I love all of my teachers this year. They are great and encouraging. They are very kind to all. the school facilities are not good quality though. I feel I have prepared myself for college more than my school has. There are many teachers that I feel are not qualified and should not be able to work at this school. I've heard great things about our online program. There is a large amount of students utilizing our online program.
Charles Page High School is a pretty good school. There are a wide array of extracurriculars, from debate and band to drama. The teachers are caring and good at their jobs. The athletics are good for the most part. Wrestling won state in 2017, softball has been to state the past three or four years, football had six straight playoff appearances until last year. Boys and girls basketball have both made appearances at state two years running. The dance team is one of the best in the nation. Athletics aside, the academics at the school are pretty good, considering the circumstances: over half of the students are on free or reduced lunch. There have been very little safety threats and that's saying quite a bit, though there aren't very many prevention mechanisms. The fact that the school is relatively small for the Tulsa area combined with the relatively poor students make for bullying being a rare occurrence. All in all, the school isn't perfect, but it's still a pretty good school.
Charles Page is a great school, I have gone to sand springs public schools since 7th grade and it is by far the best school in Oklahoma. The teachers care for us, the students and want us to be successful in school and as adults. The staff, in general, is a caring one, they focus on our success and readiness to face the world. the skills I have learned at Charles Page will help me the rest of my life, I am so grateful for the way I am treated at this school. My counselor has made sure I am on track for college and kept me pumped about my future.
It's a smaller school compared to the other ones in the Tulsa area, much better than Tulsa itself and much cheaper than BA. The average class size is just under 450.
Amazing a supportive teachers and staff. The type of school that gives you that euphoric feeling that you’re living the small town dream.
Amazing school but a lot of friendly people. Teachers and students are always helpful and try their best for the community.
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The things I liked most about Charles Page was getting to go to so many of the school events. Our administration creates an environment that’s gets students grow so well and they help each student individually not only with their academics needs but other needs outside of a school setting. However, one thing I wish to change is that we could have more resources because a lot of the things we have are outdated and we could really use new things to get students learn better.
Charles Page High School is a welcoming environment. The school treats their students like family and has their best interests. Charles Page goes out of their way to help others and the citizens of Sand Springs. After the flooding, our football team got together and showed how Sandite strong we can be. They went out of their way to help flood victims clean up their homes. We believe everyone should be treated with respect. Our teachers will do anything to help their students, from tutoring, to driving them to school. They push us to go beyond our limits and be the best we can be.
Charles Page High School molded me into the person I am now, and I would be proud to one day have my kids graduate from Charles Page. While not the fanciest or the best at everything Charles page gives students the feel of a small town high school while holding he opportunities of being a larger school in the state. Charles Page set me up to succeed in life in whatever my challenges may be.
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