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As a graduate of the class of 2014, I primarily felt very safe at my high school. Bullying was a very serious topic upon the class of 2014 and we made it a priority of ours to make sure that our school was not one where students would be victims of bullying. As the leaders of the building at the time, we made it our business to advocate against bullying and explained to the lower-classmen just how important it is to be, "Anti-Bullying."
Although we have extracurricular activities at this school,l it saddens me that there is not a great variety of them. Clubs and organizations do not always mean "sports". In this high school, the only extracurricular activities that are available are primarily sports related. Everyone that attends this high school is not athletic and I believe that this can potentially discourage from wanting to engage into activities because they feel that there are no organizations here specifically for them.
My overall experience at Charles City High School is truly one that I will never forget. Unlike many other high schools, Charles City is a small school of roughly 300 students of whom stuck together like a family. Although we may not have had all of the bells and whistles that other high school may have had, we indeed had one another as well as a committed faculty and staff that made it their top priority to make sure that the student's were prepared for the future. I believe that if I had attended any other high school, I know that I would not have received the opportunity that I was blessed to receive.
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It's okay it's nit the best.
There are really no extracurricular opptinities here.
My experience at CCHS isn't the worst, but it's not the best.
The teachers at my school are okay.
what makes our school unique is that were small and everyone knows each other
no extra activities or clubs
The school lacks involvement from parents, students, and teachers.
This school is okay but it is not the best out there. If I had a choice, I would have attend a more challenging school.
The school is very safe and the nurse is always available
The staff is very helpful and friendly
Theres opportunity for fitness for students
The school is lacking different variety of activities for students due to funding.
I bring my own lunch so not too sure about the school lunch
Most of our facilities are nice and outgoing.
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We have excellent acdemics and various classes
There are a lot of mixed races at our school
We have great down to earth teachers
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