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this school is great the one thing is they should of selled cup o noodles in the snack shack. ): overall it pretty good for dyslexia
Armstrong truly is an exceptional place filled with confident, curious, happy learners who happen to be dyslexic. For anyone with a dyslexic child, this is what it is all about. My severely dyslexic son will never read as well as someone who is not dyslexic. And I don't for a second blame the school for that nor think it is the school's job to make him not dyslexic. He will always be dyslexic! But Armstrong is preparing him to be successful and thrive regardless of what a standardized test says his "grade level" reading is. Who cares?? We do care that he is confident, armed with the tools he needs to succeed in school and life, and has the self-esteem to share his tremendous gifts and talents with the world as an adult. The school has been a gift to our family.
We are so lucky to have Armstrong here in the Bay Area. For parents with children who have language-based learning issues, finding the right school can be frustrating and painful. Our students just learn differently and the public schools, while often great, just don't have the resources or the skills to address their needs. Armstrong is amazing - the teachers are caring and meet the students where they are. They are patient about developing their reading, writing and other language-based skills. The student population is great - they are smart, fun, involved, athletic...they just have dyslexia and need help learning what that means and how to be successful anyway! If your student's needs fit this school's target audience, you will be thrilled to have an incredible school like Armstrong in your community.
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Armstrong was the 3rd school we enrolled in during our quest to find a school to help our daughter thrive...and thrive she has! Before Armstrong, she would come to us in tears saying, "I know I'm smart--but I'm not understanding in class. What's wrong with me?!" After a month at Armstrong she would come home elated with statements like "I had no idea Science was so interesting!" and "Who knew math wasn't that hard!" The support from teachers and staff in helping our child has been wonderful. This school has made our daughter proud to be dyslexic and not at all bashful about advocating for her needs.
This school did a so much for my child. They have made changes but for the most part these changes seem to be addressing offering more then just help with reading. Turn over is a problem but mt other child attends a different school and they too are struggling to keep teachers. Middle School is going well and lower school we great when we where their. Very caring teachers and admin. Wish there was more diversity and lower tuition.
My child attended this school from 3rd grade to 8th grade and had a very positive experience. This school saved our son's life. He came to this school feeling like a failure and truly believed he was stupid. By the time he graduated, he had a better understanding of his dyslexia and knew that he was capable of doing anything he set his mind too. It is true that not all students are at grade level in reading and math by the time they leave Armstrong but that is not the fault of the school. Every child's dyslexia is different and every student is impacted to different degrees. Armstrong teachers are highly trained and work the students so they do the best that they can. High school was hard but it would have been much harder for him had he not had 6 years at Charles Armstrong school. If your child has dyslexia or is a struggling reader, I would strongly encourage you to find out if this school can benefit your child.
Recent Change in Head of School has negatively impacted the school. High turnover-- 3 admissions heads in 2 years. 3 lower school heads in 3 years. CFO quit too. There are some dedicated teachers, but the approach is stuck in 1970s. Too narrow. There is little to none in terms of intellectual growth for history, science, literature. For example, in grades 1-4- no literature-- just learning basic phonics. No use of books on tape. This is contrary to what the Yale Dyslexia center advises about the importance of exposure to language. No accountability. The parents do not realize that they are not testing to grade level norms. They use non standard tests to hide the data how poorly the kids are doing. Recently raised tuition by 10%- for almost 50k per year, you're not getting what you should, but parents are desperate because not many other choices. Go, but don't stay too long.
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