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There’s not much I would change about my experience at Charleroi High School. I made lots of great friends, learned a lot, and I feel like I’ve been very well prepared for college. The teachers and staff were amazing, very supportive, and involved with the students. I really will miss the teachers here at Charleroi. I will forever be proud to be a cougar.
At Charleroi, I met people who will forever be in my life and I have also made relationships with teachers who are always there to help me even though I am out of high school. Being in college and looking back on my time at Charleroi I would change anything about it!
Charleroi is a small community school. Everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. Teachers and staff are helpful .
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The school was great for some but not others, basically make or break. Favoritism worked heavily throughout my time at the school, and sometimes it didn't matter if a kid wanted to improve or work to their potential because they simply did not have support from either their peers or, in the worst cases, any of their teachers, etc.
I like the way the school operates taking severe security measures and always making sure that the students are in the safest environment possible.
The teachers at Charleroi Area High School range from poor to excellent. Some classes are practically self taught, while others have a very inclusive as well as interesting curriculum. I'd like the arts programs to be recognized more. We have many talented students that don't get enough recognition.
There are many great people that I have met at Charleroi High School. The school is small, but not too small, and I am very comfortable with all of those around me. The teachers and counselors here have also pushed me forward and helped me get where I am.
We are offered multiple different art classes, foreign language classes, and music programs. However, we lost two music classes when our band director, Mark Killinger moved to the elementary school. We instead hired the elementary and middle school band director who is only available to us at one point in the day. We lost guitar class and music theory class which is potentially one of the most important music classes.
Some experience are limited including participating in classes similar to vocational schools. If you participate in our vocational school then your choices for other electives are limited.
Some teachers often fail to keep grades updated like we are told they will. How are we supposed to keep are grades up if we don't know what they are? As students we are given deadlines for practically everything, so why should teachers show us differently.
The school has a drug assembly every year but only about three fourths of the students take it seriously.
The marching band is very good but has shrunk every year for a few years. The theater department is alright but lacks funding and organization. All the school cares about is the football program but the team is kind of awful.
The school is very politically influenced. If the child of a teacher is doing poorly, the administration will make sure that they do well no matter what they have to do. If helping a certain student will help the school's political standing, the administration will do it.
Most of the honors teachers I had were wonderful. They were very knowledgeable on their subjects and very friendly.
heavy lack of interest, little participation
Most of the parents who have children that attend Charleroi Area High School are not to involved with their students when it comes to school.
Some of the teachers are lazy, others are up to date and on top of all their responsibilities. Some take up to a month to update grades, this is unacceptable.
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I fill safe at this school. There seems to be little opportunity for an assault or any such violence to occur.
Fault can be seen in the lack of broadness and commitment to extracurricular activities. Many will join a club and even sometimes earn a leadership position but end up having the group do nothing. Participation in current groups is lacking since many of the kids are stubborn and refuse to involve themselves in anything either outside of the norm or not to their fitting. It is almost as if they all want the said group to be completely adjusted to their liking. Part of being part of something involves one realizing that one idea is not greater than another. I have found in my experience as a student that anytime I suggest an idea in any activity I am involved in it is almost nearly always either undermined or ignored for the fear of failure. The children at this school are cowards with nothing but behind-the-scene complaints. Anytime one does stand for an idea, the others simply pucker their lips and blow out his flame. The reason why Charleroi is such a modest school is because the students smudge their own potential and stomp on anyone who recognizes his or her own. Charleroi has come to a cross-road. Staff at the school are at their best and somehow we are still falling below what we can do. This is the time where parents, and we as students, need to push ourselves if we want Charleroi to truly perform. If not for ourselves, do it for the future. Kids just entering their first year of elementary could have the chance to attend an outstanding high-school, but sadly, that is not their choice. It is left to us to decide if these children will have the opportunity to shine their brightest in what could possibly be a nationally recognized school. Success now could equate to the improvement of life for dozens of people you know: your neighbor, your nephew, or most importantly, your own child. And if you are not a parent of a current student, but coincidentally one yourself, think of all the things you could do; not only accomplish your dreams, but create those of another
Teachers usually have clear intent to utilize tools to their best ability but seem to focus on teaching more than using the opportunity to learn. Most staff know what to teach, but not how to teach it in a variety of techniques and styles. The educators simply need to apply themselves to teach more than on kind of student.
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