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Chapel hill was my home of four years. I never walked through the doors feeling i welcomes or unloved. The teachers there really connect with their students and go above and beyond to help them achieve their dreams.
This is a great school. Family environment. The teachers want the students to succeed. There is something for everybody as far as extra curricular activities. They care about each student and encourage students to grow in personal responsibility. There is an open door policy with all staff.
It is a place of growth and fellowship. To me this school opens up so many opportunities. The motto is "Where everybody is somebody" and this is true everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed if they have the drive.
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The people there are really great. The teachers give it their all to help out every kid and go above and beyond to teach them things. Not much drama or bad things happen at my school, which I find to be a really good thing. The people there have morals and are open to many things, which makes me happy as well. What I would like to see change though, is the funding of specific departments. I wish more would go to fine arts, as I feel very little goes to it when it could be amazing, considering I see and know the potential of so many students with so much talent there.
I have attended the Chapel Hill school district since Kindergarten. The school motto is: "Where Everybody is Somebody" and there is nowhere in the nation where those words ring more true. Every staff member, from janitorial staff to administrators are always happy to help you make your dreams come true. Following graduation I would love to have my future children attend my alma mater.
The teachers are very well engaged with the students.
My school is like no other. The involvement with the students, teachers and parents are amazing. Love is clear between the people here. We support one another, from the athletics attending theater events to the parents working the concession stands at games. I wouldn't trade my school for another!
The teachers truly live by our school motto "Where everybody is somebody". The time and effort they put in helping the students is absolutely amazing. Along with that, their involvement and interaction with us is hard to find anywhere else. Our school is really one big family.
Definitely motivates you n helps you become someone.
Teachers push you beyond from average students.
The school has really enforced security throughout the school. Our chief of police is very alert at what he does, but he also gets involved with the students. He gets to know each student which helps him with his job.
The athletic program is very intense. The whole student body gets involved to encourage one another to do great in games. The FBLA organization are very good at doing what they do. They go to state every year, so does the debate team.
They have traditions that other schools do not have. Every year we have guacamole day when we learn about how avocadoes were brought to America and we are taught how to make it. Chocolate week is also exciting. Chocolate tasting is displayed all throughout the school.
The teachers at my school are actively involved with the students.They treat every one equally and as their own children. They do their best to see us succeed.
While high school is often a difficult time for students, being at a great school can help make these four years better. Chapel Hill is a great school with great programs, clubs, opportunities, academics, teachers, and traditions. While I wouldn't want to relive high school, I definitely wouldn't want to go anywhere else to spend this time.
Our school food probably ranks about average. The food is decent on certain days, but on other days it's best to bring your own lunch. We have relatively nice facilities including a large eating area, a cafeteria line, a snack bar line, and a vast outdoor eating area. There aren't many dietary accommodations other than what is required by the state. The healthiest options we have are all thing wheat, and salads.
Athletics is a big aspect of our school. School spirit is often led by individual students and lights a fire under everyone else. We have good sports teams overall and often go beyond the regular seasons in most sports. Our fan base is very good and we often have people attend games who have no connections to any of the players on the field or court. While most of our athletic facilities are a bit outdated and could use renovation, we are very blessed with what we have for the size school that we are.
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The overall quality of our teachers is exceptional. While there are occasionally a few teachers who don't hit the mark, most of the teachers at our school are top notch. Teachers do a great job of utilizing technology within the classroom and incorporating hands on learning into the lessons. Our teachers go out of their way to help the students when we don't quite understand something and offer various opportunities to receive extra needed help.
There are a variety of different sports opportunities. We offer various clubs, programs, and organizations that are also of high quality. There is a tremendous amount of teacher and community support for the sports, clubs, and programs. The level of commitment depends on the teacher that is helping with the particular programs. Athletics and One Act Play are the most popular extra-curricular activities and have a tremendous amount of support even though they take up a lot of time.
Its been excellent. I plan to send all my kids to school here in the future.
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