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The experience was good. It is a solid school with nice facilities, nice teachers, and they take discipline seriously. They have a wide range of AP classes being offered and the teachers are kind and approachable. It is a peaceful and standard school overall.
Chapel Hill High School, it's a school that is very tolerable and does it's best to prepare you for life. With it's hard based rules, and way of teaching students to become better people. As a student in the NJROTC program, I personally believe that it's a pretty good school. The people there are considerably accepting and understanding once you get to know them. The food there is okay, it's not the best, but it gets you by I suppose.
Good experience, good teachers, and great students, the sports teams wasn’t as good except for track and softball, but the school sprit Was really good
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I still have two more years left, but my time at CHHS has been enjoyable. Some others have teacher complaints, but it all depends on the teacher (sometimes it's because the student just doesn't like that teacher). Class difficultly depends on the teacher, too.
I am a rising junior. My experience at Chapel Hill High has been great so far. I have had excellent interactions with my teachers. they truly care about educating children and making a difference in student's lives. I have joined two clubs. I am apart of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and the National Honors Society.
I think this school was pretty welcoming and warm for my first year at high school. Something I wish they would change is the bathroom policy during lunch because it's a little over the top.
Chapel Hill is one of the best schools in Douglas County. The faculty is great and so is the school itself. Always striving for excellence!
I would like to see the school's budget be more equal. I would love to see the fine arts receive more encouragement from the school. Otherwise, I think the school is putting itself in the right direction in terms of academics and school culture.
Chapel Hill is a great school for someone who values education. Academics is always priority. Shall anything change, it should be the lack of representation for the fine arts program. The programs are amazing but many students outside the program don’t give it as much credit.
It was OK. Some admin are strict some are nice. Like to see some rules change. Try to make friends with the teachers. Don't count on first impressions.
The students at Chapel Hill High School are very hospitable and considerate. I have never had any problems with any of the students there. The teachers do their best to make sure no one gets left behind. The school works hard to keep the campus clean and safe.
The teachers here are wonderful! I've never had a problem with any of them in the two years I've been here.However, the schools rules are extremely strict which causes students to lash out.One thing about this school that I dislike is students at Chapel hill have no freedom it feels like we are in jail sometimes.
I enjoy the diverse environment and the teachers. The teachers are wonderful, and band is fun and challenging. I hope that they can fix a couple broken things like the vending machines and the lunch tables. Overall it's a wonderful school
The school is very plain with unnecessary strictness but there is a change in administration so it may get better.
I love everything about Chapel Hill High School. The last 4 years have consisted of wonderful teachers and staff to help equip me with the proper tools I need to be successful in the future. The level of discipline and professionalism in this school lets you know that they are the best and they have expectations that are always followed. The rules are simple to follow and abide by; I haven't had a complaint with any of the rules in my 4 years. I love this school and I hope they continue to better themselves to reach the top.
I came to Chapel Hill as a sophomore instead of a freshman and I did not feel like I got all the information I needed at first. They only hold orientation for freshmen and the only reason I got to go was that I was a new student there. The school has strict guidelines about dress code, electronics, and assignments. The first thing I noticed was how dirty the school bathrooms were and how the school seemed to care more about dress code than a student's mental health. The students are respectful most of the time but we have at least 4 fights every year. There are little to no bullying issues and when there are, the teachers are quick to end it. Most of the teachers are good at what they do but there are a few that seem to not know what they are doing at all. The halls get crowded in certain corners and you have to push your way through people just to get to class on time.
Academically, Chapel Hill High School is top notch. Chapel Hill High School has prepared me well for college. I would like to see more school spirit with respect to sports.
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Chapel Hill has a very good educational system. Sometimes it does seem that the administration values dress code more than anything and that can be hard on a student who is just looking for an education .
It's one of the best high schools in Douglas county. The teachers are dedicated to their job and I feel safe at school.
My experience at Chapel Hill was very good due to this being my last year. Chapel Hill is a very great school based on how they make students feel included like we are family. They create amazing pep rallies, school fundraisers, a good amount of clubs to choose from, and supporting counselors to check up on you to make sure you’re maintaining the grades you need to achieve in the career you’ve been dreaming of. Not only do they give amazing service to all students they always express a welcoming atmosphere. Chapel Hill is where students can find their true pathways, where students learn about other cultures, and perspectives. Never Chapel Hill is a school for all kinds of students from all different backgrounds.
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