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It felt like a family. So many teachers genuinely care about your success and want to help you. I had a great education there, many fun experiences, and lifelong friendships.
Chaparral was a great experience as a public school. The teachers in the AP and advanced classes took the extra time to work with the students and make sure they retained the information. This school was extremely dedicated to its core values and that was reflected in the everyday attitude of the teachers to the students.
Overall, it is a pretty good school since I have learned a lot and there are good electives but many teachers don’t care about the students.
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Chaparral is a pretty average school, but there is absolutely no diversity. It is 99.9% white kids and it is white-washed. You can tell that no one knows how to act around anyone not exactly like them. I feel like this sets up students with a more difficult future, having to get along with people later in life. Students are also very sheltered. They don't really have to go through any hard times while living in this rich town. The staff, for the most part, are really amazing people though. The amount of school spirit and sense of community that is seen during events like Wish Week or Spirit Weeks is incredible and powerful to be a part of.
Chaparral was great. With the exception of a few bad teachers, everyone was great and I feel ready for college.
Chap has been an amazing school to attend. Everyone is super nice and welcoming and there are programs in place to help students who feel out of place, feel welcomed. A lot of the teachers are really passionate about their subject and school pride so their classes are engaging and fun. A great school to attend.
The academics are good. Sports was good. The only issue was online school due to Covid - that could have been a better experience.
I really loved my experience at Chaparral. I loved all of my teachers and I met a lot of wonderful people. I also really enjoyed all the activities that you could do there.
This has been a great school for my daughter. Great community, Chap family. The teachers and administration are great at getting the kids involved. The academics have allowed my child to apply to and be accepted to several colleges.
Chaparral High School has a friendly environment, they are welcoming. I would change how some of the staff say that they need to protect their teachers more than their students when it comes to education.
Chaparral has high expectations for students in order for them to have a successful life after graduation. The academics has to be what I admire most about Chaparral, including many friendly teachers willing to help you if you're struggling. Not only do we have helpful teachers, but the school also provides NHS (National Honors Society) students as tutors in the library who are willing to help with any subject. Onto the student category, students are extremely friendly and know how to have fun. Football and volleyball games are considered the most exciting times of the year due to how crazy the student section gets. We love to get together as much as possible to create a more relaxed environment instead of only studying with academics. Overall, Chaparral is the perfect school for any student who's looking to receive high education and a chance to have the exciting and fun Wolverine school experience.
I have had an amazing experience at Chaparral High School. The teachers are incredibly supportive and always push their students to succeed. The performing arts program, especially the award-winning theatre department, is amazing and definitely my favorite part of the high school experience. Chaparral also has a top of the line security department, so I always felt safe.
I think chaparral has a warm welcoming towards any student. This school has helped me socialize with many different kinds of people and is preparing me for future studies. One academic reason I love Chaparral is that they offer multiple electives based on science and nursing, which is the field I would like to go into for college. Chaparral not only has kind students, but also has supporting and caring teachers who are ready to help you with any needs in order to pass their class.
I really love my school. It's large so it can seem chaotic sometimes, but lots of students make it really interesting. The classes are actually average size and not overcrowded.
Chaparral is a very large school so sometimes it can feel chaotic. But most of the teachers are good and the counselors really care about the students. The sports games are fun to watch and the shared football stadium is really great.
The students act like family. The teachers, counselors, administrators, security guards and other staff are phenomenal and supportive.
There's a real family here at Chap, once you find your people you'll feel like it's a home away from home. And even if you don't know what your thing is yet, there are plenty of opportunities to find your niche, we provide many activities and sports as well as a variety of clubs to participate in. The teachers and counselors are huge helps when determining colleges and in planning your future. There's also a wide variety of classes to take that can fit into your level and not the other way around.
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Love how this school is very friendly with the overall atmosphere and students. Is a definite safe environment and a place everyone can be accepted. Teachers and students always help with anything which is very appreciated.
I loved my experience at Chaparral! I had excellent teachers all four years and felt welcome and included by all.
The teachers were the only good thing about this school. They are invested in their students, and make time to help them succeed. The students and sports though were not the best. Students are relatively mean, and the sports are awful other than basketball.
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