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Chandler Traditional Academy-Freedom Reviews

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Started at this school last year and ready to leave. The location is great but horrible traffic thanks to a preschool that seem to be constant traffic at this already small niche of the neighborhood.

They supposedly teach a year out in 2 areas but it basically involves sending kids home with the work and no classroom support.

Lastly, they refuse to work with any special needs kids and simply send them packing; as to refer to other schools. They essential are not worthy of the A plus ranking they work reflecting. Especially since they refuse to accommodate and work with a true student variation. This school is too political and not run as a learning institution. All about money and ranking is the school main focus.
The A plus rating is a scam. The work for profit and purposely push out kids they feel will lower their rating; they firmly refuse to help challenged children. Their do not have the best interest of the child what-so-ever: they only work for their best 'Look good' interest. Only un-smart kids left behind and forced out.

Institutionalized racism at work in the administration and can be observed at this school. Only certain groups are allowed to do certain things, some groups are allowed to get away with certain things. No sense of pride for us attending this school last years (2016)

Fake concern while they lied to you; it is embarrassing that they are a public getting our tax dollars because otherwise they would fail (no sense of service to their paying community)

We can not wait for the proposed tax voucher thanks to schools like this.
I am a very demanding parent and I highly recommend this school. Strong, research-based curriculum, knowledgeable and kind principal, caring teachers, and supportive parent community.
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Focus on the one year up in math skills. Provide but district driven extracurricular.
I must say the parent body and location is what has kept us at this school. Most students are in the immediate general proximity in residency and we have great study groups and play dates together. The parents are a very close-net group that are supportive and mindful regarding raising all our children in a safe and a well-to-do environment. We all watch out for each other and fight for our kids, mindful of our communities and everyone's overall well-being.
It really just depends; we have landed both extremely caring teachers and those who are least concerned. They are not approachable/friendly or open to parents or visitors. It disheartening when a few teachers are extremely the opposite. We highly respect teachers but must say there are some bad apples in the mix at this school, hence despite the great community support we as parents insist on giving CTA freedom, it will never mount to an A+ school. Just another Okay public school with an over-rated academy status!
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