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Snob students with poor grades, pretentious parents try to show off a marginal wealth. We often overheard some students having cheap commends about parent’s cars when they are waiting to be picked up. It is just showing how bad of character education in this school.
Great academics, but cut-throat social scene. It can be hard to make friends if you don't fit the "preppy+rich" cookie-cutter. It definitely prepared me for high school in regards to academics, but not in the sense of maturity. Many students are very sheltered from real-world instances because they are stuck in a bubble. Students are very competitive, which makes for a very competitive social climate. It's also not very diverse, meaning that students are predominately white. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but if you want your child to have a less sheltered and maybe more artistic perspective, then Chandler might not be the best fit for you. However, if your main focus for school is rigorous academics, then you'll fit right in.
The finest K-8 program in greater LA. While established as a traditional education, Chandler is in the process of implementing a more progressive curriculum as advised by Stanford- and Duke-based research. The K-8 model allows for a nurturing environment for the youngest students and leadership roles for the middle school students. When a HS is attached to this type of school, the majority of the resources and efforts are directed to those students. At Chandler, the graduating students are prepared to take ownership of their high school experience, and not just another step on the ladder to college.
The science department particularly stands out with its advanced lab work and experiment based learning. The performing arts at all levels have taken a dramatic step forward in recent years, with near 100% participation in the musicals and singing groups. And while Chandler used to be known as a "jock" school 20+ years ago, the athletic tradition remains a strong aspect of the school.
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