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The students and staff are very nice and always willing to help, but the building is very dated, the school doesn’t offer many classes that other high schools in the area do, and many classrooms don’t have access to learning equipment (such as whiteboards).
Chancellor High School was a poor school in the county. Many of it's students ended up becoming high school drop-outs or were locked up for crimes. Many also flunked out of their classes. A major problem is the teachers, some of them are not qualified to teach the subjects they attempt to teach and it leaves the students confused and unsure.
The school spirit is very strong. We have had lots of good school activities that make going to school fun> I have made life long friends there and am very happy I am able to attend Chancellor.
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It is an ok school. The teachers I had did not know what they were doing or they did not care about teaching. A lot of the staff were pretty rude. There would be a lot of fights sometimes. The school needs to fix a lot of things, like their bathrooms sometimes don't work. There are some nice things about Chancellor like some people are nice and I did enjoy their food.
While some teachers are amazing, others are downright horrible to deal with. There are fights all the time, and the environment is just not welcoming. I was in the marching band, which is why I enjoyed high school, but people I know that weren't in any of the arts programs hated Chancellor. If you go here, take a chance on any of the fine arts, because they are the best classes and people to be around.
I personally did not have a bad experience at Chancellor High School. The classes were good, there were a lot of opportunities to join a club or sports team, and there were tons of extracurriculars available. What I did not like about Chancellor High School was the lack of respect most of the students had for other students, teachers, and staff members, some of the classes I took were just worksheets and we did not learn too much, and with certain teachers, a lack of communication.
My experience at chancellor was pretty average, I couldn't complain about it much but I was happy with the people I surrounded myself with.
Other than awful funding (which isn't really the school's fault), not a bad school. Definitely a few gems within the staff.
Chancellor High was the one school I felt welcomed in. They have an amazing staff and faculty that truly care about the students. I believe every aspect of Chancellor High School is amazing.
I like the teachers, staff, and administrators. The school is old and needs to be renovated. Bathrooms and locker rooms are in bad condition.
Chancellor high school’s over all vibe is very different than other schools in the county. I feel for the most part everyone is very accepting and the atmosphere is pretty chill.
There is a lot of racism among the teachers and administrators. Mostly against the white students. But a lot of good teachers that deserve a lot better than that school can offer.
Chancellor High School has fun sports programs and there are a lot of cool students there. However, the school is old so the roof sometimes leaks and some of the teachers do not do their job, but some teachers are absolutely amazing and make me enjoy coming to school every day.
The arts department and its teachers are great. However, the school can be a bit unsanitary. The lunches are quite horrible sometimes(expired milk/moldy apples). There definitely is room for improvement as with any school, but chancellor seems like it is one of the less favored schools in the county.
Chancellor High School, supports their very diverse student body with teachers who are representative and helpful to any student who needs it. The Arts department excells with a Blue Ribbon music program, and award winning Drama Department.
I like the fact that I was able to make memories that 'll carry for a lifetime. I'm going to miss more so the people who have impacted my life there the past four years, such as my English teacher, my history teacher and my guidance counselors. I'm going to miss the people who I probably will never see again and the just being in high school in general. Life moves fast and before I knew it the four years flew past me in the blink of a eye. My experience never the less was a exciting one at chancellor high school.
Chancellor High School for the most part has been good to me. It has provided a lot of new opportunities. However, there are not that many options when it comes to courses, it mostly just has the basic courses and a few interesting electives. It is also an old school which could use new things and updates.
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Although everyone's experiences are different, I know I had my struggles in my early years. In subjects that were not my strongest, I felt like a failure but I still tried to give it my all. I was not in the best mental or emotional state but I decided to just keep going and now I'm in my senior year. I wanted to shoot as high as I could even if my grades were average, and aimed for an advanced diploma. With the supporting and patient teachers and peers, it has made me glad that I ignored the bad rumors about this school. It's really about the attitude and people you surround yourself with. Some students have horrible home environments and I still see them pushing through for a better life of their own. I could really keep going about how diverse and supporting the school is, but this is really about how much effort you are willing to put in to be successful and this can help you persue any goals.
You don't hear many people say that they enjoy their years in college, but as an alumni at Chancellor High School, I can for surely say that I enjoyed every minute of it. The teachers that I had supported me all the way through and were with me when I needed them most. The atmosphere was lively and it felt like a home away from home.
Chancellor High School has it's pros and cons like any other school, but it really is an amazing place. I have made the best friends I could ever ask for through this school and found so much support through the teachers as well. Chancellor has provided me with a place to grow so much as an individual and become who I wanted to be. This school has shaped me into the person I am today.
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