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My experience at Champlin Park High School was very well enjoyed. I believe that Champlin Park High School gives students a variety of electives as well as clubs to fit your needs and dreams. I was involved in volleyball for two years at Champlin Park and it was very fun, Champlin Park has an amazing volleyball coach who is supportive but also pushes players to the limit to make yourself better and realize that there's nothing you can't do without a little push. I also participated in Leo Club, FCA and BPA in my time at Champlin Park. Every club has a teacher who is very involved, educated and engaged in the club they are running, this is very helpful because the teachers know what they're doing and are beyond happy to teach us about certain subjects. BPA allows students who are going into some type of business degree while in college.
The school has plenty of activities and resources for all students. The high school is invested in not only sports programs but also in the arts and education. Many of the teachers that I have had here are nice and caring but you still need to be your own advocate and ask for help if you need it. One thing that I hated about this school was their bathrooms, but since the remodel I have noticed that not only are their facilities are better but also that students treat them better. I also think this school could be improved if all the teachers could do a mental health work shop. I think many students in this school struggle with mental health and the teachers can sometimes address mental health issues in a wrong manner which can sometimes lead to students having more break downs. Overall this is a good high school and you can definitely tell that they are trying to always improve.
Champlin Park High School made me feel prepared for college at the University of Minnesota. I appreciated the variety of electives that are available. Taking certain electives can jump start a student's journey onto finding a career path they are interested in. Most of the teacher's attempt to form a personal relationship with each student, and cares about their overall well-being.
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It's alright. Teachers can be a hit or miss, but there's lots of activities for people to try so most can find their place.
Mostly, Chaplin Park High School is an amazing school. The teachers care immensely about the students and the academics are good. Sometimes, there are some things that take place, however much of it cannot be avoided in a high school. Also, the sports teams are very successful, and the music program is one of the highest-rated in the district and state. I, however, would not recommend the IB program. Many of the teachers urge you to participate, however, it does not prepare you for college, and the credits do not transfer.
Champlin park is a very good school. It offers many great options to further your education. Not only that it offers a variety of clubs and things that help you plug into the school and be more rounded. Teachers,principals and counselors are great they are very supportive and helpful. They are ready to get to k ow you and help you succeed not only in classes but your future and life!
Champlin park high is just an overall all great school with a lot of diversity and teachers that care for your future. Joining the school late in my junior year I wasn’t able to have the full experience of being a Champlin park rebel but the people there and hospitality is incredible! As soon as I got there it felt so welcoming. The classes are amazing with a great amount to choose from to see what you’re interested in and want to grow in that field. Overall the classes and staff are fantastic and everyone looks out for you and grows together with you.
Champlin Park High School has been a very good place to attend. Personally I did not feel a strong connection to the school, but I know there were many students that did.
What I liked about Champlin Park High School was the different opportunities you were given to succeed.
There are teachers that will do almost anything to help you get through whatever it is you're going through. Some will provide resources and counseling.
It's a very diverse school and has many activities to choose from. It also has many classes that you can choose to take and all of them are helpful if you want to go to college one day. It just got remodeled in some parts of the school and it looks great. The music programs are beyond amazing.
Champlin Park has given me and my classmates lots of opportunities to discover who we are and helps us achieve our goals. However, its control over the student body is lacking.
Champlin Park is for people who want a wide range of academic opportunities. AP, IB, and CIS programs allow for students to challenge themselves. Along with this, the administration, and counselors have been making an effort to try and get more involved with the student body.

The music program has been rated as one of the best in the state of Minnesota. Choices between Orchestra, Band, and Choir, and multiple levels of skill between them allow for massive growth in musicianship and a larger sense of community at the school.

One thing about the sports program. The sports program, is like most other high schools. We heavily emphasize football. Coaches and teachers heavily support our players and treat them as if they were their own family.

I believe, that at Champlin Park, our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Champlin Park is a welcoming home to people of all types. Everyone is welcome at CPHS. We are a family.
Overall, I have had a good experience during my time at this school. Champlin Park High School excels at Academics, Sports, Science, Technology & Math and Music & Arts.
I attend Champlin Park High School. It's a public school in the suburbs of minneapolis. Lots of 45mph streets and bike paths that are paved. It's nice. High school here, as a whole, has been alright. I would give Champlin Park High 3 stars, but the only bringing it up to 4 stars is the library, the career center, and the fact that half of our school just got redone.
Our library is amazing. Nothing fancy but it has lots of seating super friendly workers and good books. It's easy to navigate and someone is always there to help. If you want a book and the library doesn't have it they will order it for you that's how nice they are.
I like my community of people of color at the school. But the school has a very deep racial divide . The sports teams are a good representation of the school. The school has gotten very good and very much needed renovations.
I was in AVID. That was the best experience in high school for me. I met and experience a lot with AVID.
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This school is a diverse school, with great opportunities. The teachers genuinely care about the students. It has been a wonderful place to learn, where I feel safe and respected.
Champlin Park High School is very nice physically and diverse wise. The student body is roughly 47% people of color. Academically, they have some of the nicest teachers and classes available, whilst it being an international baccalaureate school. However, Champlin does need to work on the consequences fo students actions. There were some incidents there dealing with racism and the consequences were very unfair and sad.
This school has a lot of diversity and good teachers and a lot of class options. This school is apart of the International Baccalaureate program which is nice for students who are smart and looking for a new challenge. The school is a very good place to learn.
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