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The school is a pretty good school. Lots of sports teams, clubs, and school spirit. Most of the teachers are very good and nice. Most students tend to have a very good high school experience at CVU. However, there are no honors classes, making it unfair for students who want to be challenged more. Overall it is a good school, but just needs a bit of work in making more challenging courses.
Excellent school. Prepared me well for college, especially with regards to standardized test preparation.
I began my first two years of school at my previous high school Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High school. I soon began to realize that I need more guidance and a more rigorous curriculum. Additionally the sports program at my previous high school was very poor and underfunded. My brother and I had entered the raffle to Champlain Valley Union High School that year previously, but around the end of my sophomore year we had won and where able to transfer. All summer I was stressed out about switching schools and making new friends or if people would like me. I knew it would be all right after the first few weeks of school but to me, once I had arrived it felt like there wasn't really any transition at all. Everyone was so kind and the teachers where so helpful and willing to answer all of my ridiculous questions. I felt like I blended right in and belonged there. I am so glad I made the decisions to switch and my life has changed for the better because of that.
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Cvu is an amazing school. They have amazing teachers and are always able to help if you have a problem.
As a parent there was little to no communication, frustrating with lack of support. Sport teams are good but only the elite kids from the wealthy towns get to play. If the kids aren’t wealthy enough to afford the private lessons or connected with social importance than there is no spot for them on the team.
The teachers were amazing and always helpful. I really didn't have a bad experience with anybody there and I felt as though If I needed extra help the teachers would go out of their way to help me.
CVU has changed a lot over the years. It's an extremely academically rigorous school and even to those who do not engage in other activities the course load can seem draining and if you want to get good grades, you'll most likely have to spend at least 3-5 hours a day doing homework. That being said, there are some really good teachers and the Learning Center is very helpful and the teachers are very responsive if you need help.

The atmosphere is very intense. As someone who didn't participate in any athletics, it was a challenge to feel like I was able to connect with the students as about 4/5 of the student body are in a sport, and the other 1/5 are somewhat ostracized into other activities that don't get as much recognition as they should, and can be mixed with overachievers who play sports as well. CVU is very good for certain types of people, but it's not the best experience for all.
Katie Mack & TJ Meade were my advisors and I loved them. the food was fine, teachers were pretty cool and nice. i think my principle was also cool
I’ve loved every minute of my time at CVU. From the start I have felt welcomed from the staff as well as the students. I have found a close group of friends very quickly who I will be friends with for life. Additionally, the academics have been stellar. I have grown tremendously as a student, especially with organization. I have also learned how to be a leader and role model for others. Also CVU has without a doubt the best sports in Vermont which is cool to see.
It's a wonderful school that lets you be who you are and really let's you as a student choose the academics that interest you. The curriculum has so many options that I still have classes that would interest me as a senior. There is nothing that I would want to change about the school. The teachers are great, the academics and extracurricular activities are plentiful and a student can't be bored, and the campus is nice.
I like CVUHS because it has a very good community of people. My example of this is my group of friends and all the kids that make up the school. Everyone acts, behaves, performs, and communicates differently, and the school is very accommodating for everyone. In my honest opinion, I believe that if a transfer student came in tomorrow, in the next week they'd have at least 1-2 good friends. I have had my friends since the beginning of freshman year and I've never met someone at the school who has been brutally rude for any reason. The community at CVU is why I am so invested in going to school.
I like how much it offers in terms of the curriculum, as well as incorporating more personalized learning. But the school is way more focused on sports rather than the arts when it comes to extracurriculars, and is not diverse by any means. The resources that we have available are really helpful, and the food is much better than most high schools. While some teachers are not as helpful or engaging (some should have retired long ago), the majority are passionate and really want their students to succeed. The administration does its best to unite the students as one community, but considering that the students are from four different towns in the county, there is a bit of an economic divide that becomes apparent and can lead to a divide socially as well.
This school allows each individual to find their own way and to self-learn. The environment of the school is relaxed and it provides great opportunity to practice individualism. The teachers and the academics are strong, however, it is a liberal based school, which is not geared towards certain student's beliefs. Overall, an easy going atmosphere.
It is a very clean school with an amazing faculty/staff population. The teachers really value their students and making sure they get the best experience out of the class. I loved my teachers and the things they taught me, things that still resonate with me today. The entire community is very strong and supportive with good energy, great attitudes and always a smiling face. We faced a few tragedies that really went to prove how strong we are as a school and how much we all care for each other. I loved my time at CVU
Great experiences my 4 years there. The teachers and principle are great and I feel I am very prepared for College.
This is my senior year at Champlain Valley Union High School. I have really enjoyed my time here and have learned a ton from my teachers. More importantly than the amazing facilities, is the amazing community. When you walk into this school, it feels like home. I would trade my experience for the world.
CVU was a great high school. I enjoyed the faculty and all my 4 years there. It is a welcoming atmosphere. I feel they prepared me well for college.
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CVUHS was a great school. Most teachers were involved and made individual connections with students and helped them. There were a good handful of resources for college prep, academics, and mental health. I loved my guidance counselor because she helped me with narrowing down my college decisions and give me options of therapists when I needed them.
CVU is definitely not average, but it really isn't the primo top-of the line school it claims to be. Yes there are varied classes, lots of events, and a kind community. However, if you are an introvert their positivity is a bit much, and the constant need for kindness comes off as kind of wussy. The classes are good though, plenty of variety for people who get bored easily. Oh, and our school is VERY VERY white and wealthy which can be annoying because some people are extremely uppity and unkind.
CVU is a very inclusive and welcoming high school with lots of students from four adjacent towns. There are multiple different clubs, sports, and events to get involved in. CVU is very school spirited and a strong community. It is a great place to receive a high school education! One of the best in VT.
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