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Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School Reviews

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I love the school and the teacher are so interested in what we do and how we feel about us and my education. Family based school who cares about me and my family. The classes are great and well taught. My brother and sister also attended the school and now my niece and nephew are planning to continue their education at the school. I also played sports all 4 years I attended the coaches were great and good leaders. Over all great school.
CJ is definitely the best school in the Dayton area. There is a wide variety of student activities, and the students are nice.
They really care about getting you ready for college and that is super important to me! The environment is also very friendly and welcoming!
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Chaminade Julienne is an overall amazing high school. With its amazing diversity, caring teachers who always push their children to their full potential, and Catholic atmosphere, I'll always look back on my time their fondly. The only problem I can really think of would be the cliques students form and how difficult it's curriculum might be for students who don't work hard in all their classes.
My experience at Chaminade julienne was great. It started off as me not really knowing anyone because I was a transfer and I got to meet a lot of different people who were nice.
I loved every second of my time at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. My best memories include time spent on Roger Glass and within the Ministry and Service department. The school spirit, unity, and pride is something so unique and special to the school that I feel that my personal high school experience was just that- personal. The teachers truly cared for me socially, spiritually, academically, and as a whole person. I know I am ready for whatever life has to offer because of my excellent education and overall experience at CJ.
The education system is very advanced. The teachers truly care. The students are able to be involved in many diverse opportunities.
I liked Chaminade for its excellent education, great teachers and administration, prominent location, and it's rich educational history. I do feel that they need more diverse activities and clubs and teaching/ administration staff that reflects the diverse student population. Overall, it was a good educational experience for my student.
The academics and college readiness is excellent .. I have three kids at cj and I couldn’t have chosen a better school ..
Absolutely amazing school! My child decided to attend this school because when she walked in for the open house she said it just felt like home. No one from her grade school decided to attend this high school so everything was completely new to her. This was a great decision. New friendships were made, teachers made her feel at home and she came out of her shell joining the music and theater programs. Music has become a passion and her teachers have really reached out to my child in high school not only as a place where she is receiving an excellent education, but where she is having a great time learning and exploring things she probably wouldn't have done anywhere else.
I obtained an advanced and holistic education. I was able to mature and grow in my faith. Academically, I was challenged and further developed my intellectual curiosity for knowledge and my preferred skills.
My time at Chaminade Julienne I enjoyed the community building that was done. Every staff member at CJ instills a positive environment, there's something for everyone to do. At CJ every person has a place and everyone works together to make people feel loved and important.
Personally I love CJ. It has made me a better person and helped build me into a more confident, intelligent, and prepared woman.
Chaminade Julienne High School is a great school. You feel like a family. The teachers are very nice and helpful and they love to help you succeed in school. They want to help you become the best person you can be and help you grow up and be able to survive the world when you graduate.
Chaminade Julienne is a great school because of community, diversity, and academics. The people at Chaminade Julienne are welcoming and the atmosphere is always positive. CJ is very diverse because of the various religions, races, and personalities that make up both the student population and the staff. Also, the academics at CJ are very rigorous which will help college-bound students be prepared.
I have enjoyed my time at Chaminade Julienne. I really like he diversity and the unity that the catholic environment brings. I feel welcome and cared for by the teachers and administrators. It is a wonderful community to belong to.
It’s a beautiful school, it helped mold me into an exceptional character for college and I’m grateful to have had this experience.
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CJ really prepared me for college and I personally feel that if I did not go to CJ my options would be limited.
Chaminade Julienne is a well diversed school that takes pride in its long history of educating young men and women from across the Dayton area. Chaminade Julienne strives to help kids reach their full potential in preparing them to take on the world no matter which way they go. CJ has an excellent Performing Arts and STEMM program that helps students find their passions in the arts or science. Chaminade Julienne also went through a recent renovation that brought a well needed update to the school which created a more welcoming and safe environment for the students.
I was the first one in my family to attended Chaminade Julienne, and I am extremely glad I did. CJ prepared me for college and truly was a place where I could grow during my high school years!
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