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Challenge Early College High School Reviews

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Its an early college, so it does prepare all of its students for actually college. Most students graduate with Associates degrees form Houston Community College. The only downside is that the school doesnt offer some regular high school classes, because its so small. This results in students having to take them on the college side, even if they are not ready for the class.
I loves the diversity and the freedom they allowed students to have. Not only are they an outstanding High school they also allow us to receive dual credit and allow us to receive our associates and graduate with two years of college.
When I first started high school I was had such a panic that I ]wouldn't fit in or that I would I would stress a lot. Thanks to this school I got to have a very safe and special high school experience . This school allowed me to get ahead with college course that could help me in the long run and take my regular high school class. I thank my high school so much for accepting me and giving me a great opportunity. Thanks to the way the school is handled everyone is actually treated fairly which meant no bullying ever happened and the place feels so safe to me. They also always stayed on top of our classes and making sure we wouldn't fall behind.
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HORRIBLE School . The administrators are useless they don't give the proper or any at all guidance. They throw you into and early college without preparing you or telling you the information you will need to succeed they say " well you chooses and early college which means your ready" but that's info that of course we wount know ?!?
Dont send your kids to this school there are other early colleges that will trully help your children Excel in life
School culture refers to the way teachers and other staff members work together and the set of beliefs, values, and assumptions they share. Challenge Early College High School presents a positive school climate and a school culture that promotes students' ability to learn. But as a high school student, I notice that many people of authority begin shunting outspoken students into minuscule “free-speech zones” and canceling controversial speakers. Freedom of speech is essential and must be upheld because it promotes discussion and creates an informed populace. This is one problem that can be fixed and revised to increase the school culture it has.
I liked how it made me more responsible and more independent. I make my own schedule and learn how to manage my time appropriately . With this school i began to rely on myself a lot and not procrastinate
One of the reasons why I came to this school was because my parents made me. They knew that if I went here, I could graduate with my Associate's Degree. I never really wanted to come here, I wanted to go with my friends to Carnegie or HSPVA, at least initially. The people here are pretty amazing and I don't regret coming here, even if there were moments that I wish I could leave this school.
Challenge offers an incredible opportunity which is the ability to graduate with an associate's degree. This allows parents and students to earn hundreds of dollars on tuition and be ahead of others. In addition, Challenge really does offer a challenge since most classes are AP courses and college courses. The classes are difficult and require full commitment because of the workload. Challenge also offers activities among advisory to unify the students and bring a sense of family.
Challenge Early College Hish School is a small school, but is also a place for everyone. I love the way the students and staff at Challenge take time to learn about your struggles and help guide you through it. There is not much change that is needed, but I wish that there were more sport options for students.
I moved to Challenge from Lamar my Sophmore year and it's a lot easier to find help. It being a smaller school allows you to get to know your peers better along with your teacher. It gives you the support system a big school just can't provide. The biggest issue Challenge faces is diversity over 70% of the students in attendence are hispanic as nice as it is to see my people thriving in getting there degrees there needs to be more diversity.
What i like about Challenge is the college readiness it gives to the students. The thing i would like to change is the size of the school i feel like it is too small.
I think that challenge early college high school is a good school that offers great opportunities to students. The dual credit program allows the students to obtain college credits and get their associates degree by the time they graduate high school.
Some of the things that I really like about Challenge is having small classes because it makes it easier for teachers to communicate with you and help you succeed. Having to take college classes as a high school student help us with our future careers by having our basics done.
Allows a lot of independence but will have trouble with administration. Most teachers care care about the students. The Challenge classes are harder than the HCC classes.
Disregarding the workload I received, Challenge offered me to graduate with my high school diploma and my Associates in Arts and it just opened many possibilities for me.
This school helps and guide you to a better future by getting your associates degree when you graduate.
Challenger is a great school. I would recommend this school to any perspective students. However, the grading system at challenger is not like any other school.
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My experience at Challenge Early College High School, was alright. A few things I would hope that would change here, is there being more diversity, and a more in depth fine arts program.
It is a good school and I know they have the best interest at heart, not only that but before starting your first year they give you heads up that the work will be rigorous which it is. In the end all the hard work pays off when you graduate with two diplomas. The staff are amazing but of course there are a few bad apples.
i mean, it was aight. i heard about it from a friend and she says it was pretty lit, and even though most of the reviews here are pretty racist she says this place is pretty diverse. so yeah.
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