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An average high school. Not enough classes, money, or help from counselors, and too much stigma and illegals activity from students. In Chagrin, it just doesn’t matter.
I loved the academic aspect of my school. Chagrin is known for producing excelled students and offers many high-level and AP classes for students to challenge themselves in. While it is not the most culturally diverse, all of the students and generally friendly and kind to each other. The teachers are very gifted and positive-minded and want to see students succeed. There are also lots of sports, clubs, volunteer opportunists and other extracurriculars to participate in.
I have loved my experience at Chagrin Fall Highschool. All the teachers have been kind and supportive while also pushing me to always try my hardest. I have never felt unsafe or treated unfairly. I truly do enjoy being able to wake up every morning and go see adults and fellow students that I like.
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Chagrin Falls provides numerous opportunities for students to excel in the field they want. Students have opportunities to enter career technical studies if they wish, there are classes ranging in difficulty so no matter your level you can find the right level for you. There are sports of every type and many clubs. I participated in marching band, speech and debate, interact club (community service), Connect club (best buddies), model UN, and feminism club. I was able to take classes I wanted regardless of my business during the day, as they offered my AP research class before school. I have a class entirely dedicated to completed a research study on a topic I enjoy. I was able to take AP Statistics as a sophomore, finding my passion in statistics, and I will continue to take CCP statistics classes next year. The school provides so many opportunities to flourish no matter what type of student you are.
Overall, I have always felt challenged by the courses and the teachers I've had, but I've always had access to help if I needed it. The guidance counselors are easily approachable and always seem to genuinely want to help students succeed. The majority of teachers I've had have been willing to help students outside of class time to prepare for tests and assignments. In a school where many students are academically gifted, I don't feel like I'm "left out" from academic opportunities. There are also many sports and extracurricular programs offered here, so students have a wide variety of clubs and athletics to choose from to fit their interests. One of the smaller issues with this school district as a whole, and mainly in the high school, is the lack of diversity in the student body. There are very few students here that are not white and privileged. Although the high school has a very rigorous set of academics, it would be nice to see more diversity.
Overall a very pleasant high school experience. The sense of community is strong and welcoming and the academics prepared me well for college.
I love the class options and teachers, I feel very prepared for college. I wish that the counselors were a little more involved with the students, they only seem to be there to get students into college. I also wish that the school was more diverse, and that the administration did more to address bullying.
A great and warming place to go to high school. Sure, it has some negative aspects like its overall diversity. Also, while it does have great academics and academic opportunities for students, the academic atmosphere between students and some helicopter parents can be seen as brutally competitive. However, it has a great school community culture that I think is pretty welcoming, I am sure some others would surely disagree though.
Chagrin Falls community and school district was amazing to be apart of. The teachers and school strived for academic greatness and provided a strong community. Living and going to Chagrin Falls High School helped me get to where I am today (Ohio State University)
Chagrin Falls High School employs high-caliber teachers who do a great job instilling knowledge into their students. There is also a great culture made up of people who support each other and help each other succeed.
The teachers are great! They are very engaging with the students and have many opportunities for students to visit them if they have questions. The school has multiple facilities to help students with their classes. For example, the school has a Math Lab where students can see a mathematics teacher during a free period and receive math help. Also, there is a Writing Lab with upperclassmen who act as writing interns and assist not only highschoolers but younger kids too with their homework.
Chagrin is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers and staff. However, it does lack in diversity both ethnically and economically.
Chagrin Falls High School is a small public high school in a very small town. It is the community aspect that makes Chagrin so unique. Here, everyone knows everyone and we all support one another. It is a pretty special thing to be apart of.
The students at Chagrin Falls perform extremely well as a whole and are expected their best effort upon entering freshman year. Parents are incredibly hands-on in Chagrin and this can be a plus or a minus depending on how you view it. Administration wants what’s best for the students as a whole. Chagrin is a place where new students can fit in, but mainly consists of families that have lived here for decades, and that puts new students at a disadvantage socially. Overall, I thank Chagrin for optimizing my potential, and as a result will attend college in a year.
The school does a great job preparing students for college by challenging each one at their own level. The parents are involved in a positive way supporting their children. It is a small school but has offerings of a larger high school. The school is not as diverse as others nearby.
Chagrin Falls High School offers a positive learning environment where students are supported both in and out of school through the district and the community.
I liked how Chagrin Falls High School offers many AP courses and the opportunity to participate in College Credit Plus.
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Chagrin is a very tight knit community and therefore it transfers into the school itself. Everyone in the High school is very close and the parents are very involved. This is a nice aspect because everyone is willing to become friends with you. The academics are very good and the sports are quite alright, however there is a major lack of clubs such as FIRST Robotics and National Honor Society. There is an abundance of AP and honor courses available and Chagrin has quite a high passage rate on all AP courses. Overall, I am quite pleased with moving to this school district and school because it has prepared me and helped me get ready for college.
A lot of smart, hard working kids. Everybody pushes each other to new levels of success in academics and athletics.
Overall a great school! A variety of classes to take for every level of learning. Amazing performing arts department, and great staff. However, lacks diversity and has trouble with parking.
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