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Terrific college prep program. You can greatly develop and hone your leadership and academic skills with the wealth of great academic opportunities, outdoor ed, clubs, and sports programs etc etc.

Award winning drama and theater program is second to none.
Definitely better than ordinary public schools, but costly. The teachers are enthusiastic, and they genuinely seem to care about the success of their students. However, the quality of education the student receives is not as high as one would expect with such a price.
Chadwick school is an academic institution committed to the development of the whole person. It is humbling to have been afforded the opportunity to go to a school that cares about both academics and well-being because so often excellent schools will let one side of the spectrum fall short. At Chadwick, however, you can expect to find students committed to both facets of life, as the importance of well-roundedness is engrained in Chadwick students from an early age. Without having gone to Chadwick, I don't think I would be the same in terms of my courage, curiosity, critical and creative thinking, and ability to persevere.
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Chadwick was a good school, but they need to do better. The school covers up many issues on campus such as bullying, grade deflation, and student health. The stress level are high and many teachers in the upper school are not helpful. I think the campus is beautiful and they do have some cool teachers, but they are in need of some changes.
I love Chadwick. There are definitely a lot of ways it could improve: sports, academics, stem, diversity. BUT its core values and community really make the school stand out. Academics aren't everything, and the community really makes up for all its flaws. Everyone at Chadwick is loving and amazing.
Chadwick is a great school community that instills confidence and a global perspective in students. As someone who has attended Chadwick since middle school, I believe Chadwick has prepared me for college and beyond. The school's core values of compassion, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility are truly emulated in every part of the school and the community. I can genuinely say that I have enjoyed every class I have taken at Chadwick. I learn something new every day, either about the world or myself. Some of the teachers I have had as well as other members of the community are people I can go to for advice and encouragement when I need it. Chadwick has been an amazing space for me and my friends to figure out what our passions are, do something with those passions, and celebrate them with one another. Chadwick is a great place for students who want to take ownership of their learning in a strong community centered environment.
I would like to see an increase in student wellness throughout the year, and more individual support from faculty in regards to personal issues
Recent Alum here. At Chadwick, I chose to challenge myself as much as possible when it came to academics or extracurriculars, and I experienced an amazing amount of growth. Teachers and college counselors genuinely want students to succeed, and students who capitalize on their opportunities at the school will surely experience significant personal growth. I grew as both a student and person during my time at the school. I have yet to find a community as close knit as the one at Chadwick. I was able to do incredibly well my first semester of college, and I honestly attribute my success to my challenging academic experience at Chadwick.
Chadwick has academically prepared me for college. Most of my teachers have been GREAT! My college counselors have been THE BEST! The friends I’ve made will be my friends for the rest of my life.

Chadwick is not PERFECT! Their sports programs aren’t the best. Sure our 8-man Football Team has had two undefeated regular seasons. That success is due to a special team of coaches that came in a few years ago. They’ve instilled the TEAM concept into the players and have also held them accountable. Their coaching principles should be implemented to the other sports coaches.

The diversity on campus has always been MIA. We are on our third Director of Equality & Inclusion since I’ve been here. With all the talk of tradition and wanting to adhere to Margaret Chadwick’s visions, there's A LOT of work to be done. Many of the adults on campus claim to hold our core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion into their daily lives. I beg to differ.
The opportunities provided by Chadwick are second to none. The staff are amazing and want what is best for you. You can find true friends among them. Of course there are those bad apples, but that is the case in most all schools. However beware of stress. As accommodating as Chadwick is about schedules and stress, the simple mentality of Chadwick pushes one to succeed. However, if you have a cool head on your shoulders and don't succumb to pressure easily, Chadwick is an amazing school.
I've gone to Chadwick for all 13 years and have made amazing friends, but the academics have been unmatched. The faculty and staff really care about the students in and outside of academics. Chadwick has been an integral part of shaping who I am.
Teachers are absolutely phenomenal! School enthusiastically supports kids with unique interests and encourages them to go for it! Campus is stunning - very simple, not fancy, tons of trees and beautiful spaces for kids to breathe.
Chadwick is a great school that prepares you for college. I have enjoyed going here. I think everything here is pretty good except for sports. The campus is beautiful and it is a very safe environment.
Chadwick deserves the rating I've given it for a plethora of reasons. I have attended Chadwick since Kindergarten and one of it's most prominent traits is the warm, welcoming, safe community given. New kids are instantly shown around and helped by new friends in the school. The school is very diverse in the sense that most of the students are U.S. citizens but they're ethnically from Europe, Asia, South America, or from the sister school in South Korea. The teachers at this school are amazing - they care about your learning AND as a person. The teachers are available for extra time because the classes are normally less than 20 people. All of the department's are well funded (the school is expensive); however, this pays off in the top education given to the students there. Financial aid is given as well and students of all needs are accommodated.
Chadwick School is truly a special place. I've had the incredible opportunity to spend several years here, and I have made (and continue to make) outstanding relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. All--if not most--students here are helpful and caring, and the faculty truly has the students' interests at the forefront of what they do. The staff are further helpful, and I'm lucky to have made some close relationships with a few of them over the years. Chadwick used to be quite bad at sports, but it's turning that around with greater emphasis on athletic performance that spreads to every student on campus.
Although the heavy workload can be hard to manage at times, Chadwick's community and curriculum make all of the work worth it. At Chadwick, excellent time management skills are crucial to success. Chadwick has given me a work ethic that I am confident will serve me well in all future aspects of my life. Chadwick has not taught me what to think, but how to think. The strong sense of community is truly special. I have been able to form close relationships with all of my teachers, and everyone in the community really cares about each individual student. Teachers are always available to meet outside of classes and will go to great lengths to help a student succeed.
I was admitted to Chadwick for my freshman year, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the school. The small class sizes allow for expansive and individualized learning. The teachers are very supportive and alter the curriculum to best fit their students.
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Great school that offers incredible opportunities of all kinds for every student. Would definitely recommend to interested students.
What an amazing place Chadwick is! Academically, the small class sizes allow the teachers time to adapt to the needs of the kids. In my own experience at the school I was amazed when I went to college and found classes almost universally to be a breeze thanks to Chadwick. The school entirely subscribes to a whole child philosophy, where you can load up your schedule with as many challenging classes as you like with a talented group of students, but they strongly encourage going beyond traditional academics: Outdoor ed – Each year your child will embark upon an outdoor education trip as a class where they form friendships and lifelong bonds and challenging themselves mentally and physically in ways you just can’t in the classroom. Performing and visual arts – Your child will be strongly encouraged to get outside of their comfort zone and participate in a rigorous, well-developed arts curriculum. I can confidently say Chadwick is a very special place.
Chadwick offers an incredible amount of extracurriculars for students. Great options