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CF Vigor High School Reviews

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Of all the High schools in MCPSS, Vigor is the first to show that they care for their kids and their learning. Mr Cunningham treats his students as if they’re his family and his administrators and teachers are the same. There needs to be more parent involvement because the teachers & administrators can’t do it all themselves!
Overall enjoyed my time as a student at Vigor. The teachers and staff were very helpfully and always willing to offer extra assistance to those who needed it. Only real downside is the food.
This school has a very friendly atmosphere. There are a wide variety of opportunities that are in place at vigor that are put in place to help you succeed.
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What I have enjoyed while attending C F Vigor is that the teachers and faculty upmost mission is to get each and every student college and career ready to make their mark in the world and they treat everyone as family because as a wolf they come in packs and help each other. They try their darnest to make Vigor feel like a home away from home. As a 2020 high school graduate I can honestly say that C F Vigor will always be a place I can call home.
It’s a very great school. It has great teachers, administrators and students. It’s an all black school who strives to provide a good education for their students. We are the “The School That Spirit Built.”
Vigor High School is known as "the school that spirit built!" I love the true school spirit! Many of the teachers and staff will go out of their way to help you. They also offer a signature academy for students desiring to enter into the field of IT. One of the things that I would like to see changed is the fact that honor students aren't readily allowed to take trade classes in the technical program. Other than that, I love my school.
I really like the school spirit that the students and teachers have. I also like that we are a signature academy, which means that our school offers classes that can lead to several different career paths. Sometimes you can even graduate with more than one certification. The teachers are great because they really try to help you achieve your best. Both of my parents attended Vigor and I think that's part of the reason I'm so proud to be a part of the Wolfpack family. Like we say, it's the school that spirit built!
My personal participation with Vigor High School can be described as classroom wholesome, with a conductive atmosphere; promoting quality learning to prepare us as students for the next level of life. One aspect I would change is to create a more informative platform to discover and qualify for scholarships .
Vigor prepares us for college and the real world. They care about their students as if we were their own.
I enjoy the football an we had a great principal that goes way beyond the cause to help the kids we are one big family
I like the environment. Although, it's very hectic during between classes the halls are mostly clear after then late bell. The AP teacher is very professional and rational. Overall, I would only change a few teachers because of how unprofessional they are.
I had a good experience at my high school. I made longtime friendships that I still have today. The food could have been way better. Don't get me started on the bread. The school should really consider offering more college prep and arts to the curriculum. There was no drama or theater when I attended school. There should be more ACT prep that is offered to students and encouragement of scholarship application for students that would like to go to college. Students should be more encouraged to think about future career paths.
i love how helpful the staff is when helping students graduate, but they could improve on the attendance.
Vigor is a awesome school and it does have potential but the food taste horrible, the kids are bullies,and sometimes the teachers curse and be rude and mean to us kids.
One of the things I enjoyed attending Vigor High School were the teaching staff. All of my teachers were willing to provide extra help whenever I needed and I really appreciated that. One thing I would suggest for improvement is the discipline policy. It seems almost too harsh for minor offenses and I believe that by relaxing it a bit would help boost the morale of the students and staff.
My four years at C.F Vigor high will be an experience that I will never forget. The teachers and faculty are very involved in their students lives and are very caring. The academics are great and improving, they help with ACT readiness and college prep.
C.F Vigor High School is a very energized,outgoing and motivated school. The school is full of hard working faculty and staff. Also, Vigor is full of pride and spirit.
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What I like about Vigor High School is that all the students, teachers, faculty and staff are like a family. The teachers and administration are always helping the students and its a great learning experience.
This I see my freshman year in highschool. So far, I love it!! Seeing all the good things some seniors do make me want to go harder for my goals.
The school is a bit rough around the edges however the overall environment feels pretty safe. The school's location is somewhat urban so it's great for people who like being around lots of people. Despite its location, the class sizes are relatively small.
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