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I enjoyed that Cerritos High School is filled with teachers who truly aid in a students education and make it feel safe for them to be involved. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with every one of my teachers. However, the counselors are not the easiest to communicate with.
Attending Cerritos High School was an amazing and memorable experience. I can not say it was perfect, but it was great in the sense that there is immense diversity, great teachers, and amazing people. Of course, there are still those teachers that are not great, and those people who aren't so amazing as well. However, in my experience a majority of students were academically inclined and only made me want to strive to do better. There were always events students could participate in and clubs that welcomed everyone. If you made the choice to do so, it is extremely easy to become involved in the school and participate in our several spirit events and opportunities. The campus may not be the prettiest, and some of the people and teachers there may not be the brightest, but I honestly met some of the best people ever and made amazing experiences at this school.
Like any other school, Cerritos high school is what you make out of it. During my years there, I participated in the amazing track team and the cheer team. The sports team were like family to me and I made some of my best memories there. We aren’t that good at football, but my school made the most out of spirit events.
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Cerritos High School is a very well-rounded school with a lot of school spirit and academic readiness. The tight-knit community allows students to feel comfortable at school as well as be apart of on-campus diverse clubs and athletic teams.
Only you can choose to make high school unforgettable and make the most out of the four years. I had an amazing high school experience at CHS with the ton of school spirit and friends. The change I would like to see would be more school spirit from the students.
Cerritos High School is a great school that provides every student with an insight into responsibilities and adulthood. Currently, my time at Cerritos High School gets me to understand my responsibilities as a student and young adult and how to prepare myself for college and university. However, this school isn't as much of a high school, because there are very little sports and not much enthusiasm. It is an average high school just like many others and although it has a great educational program for many students, it just doesn't give kids insight into the true high school experience that encourages them to wake up every morning and say " I can't wait for school!"
Overall, I think that CHS gave students a good amount of opportunities with clubs and has some pretty good teachers in the faculty. Since there isn't a cafeteria, you would either were eat lunch sitting in the benches, in the quad, or in some open classrooms. They had some decent food, but it could have been better.
CHS never failed to keep me going. It is fairly diverse and many cultures are represented here. Cerritos is great in academics and overall a friendly school.
What i liked about cerritos is that you were able to talk to people comfortably everyone is somewhat nice the rest arent.
Cerritos High School rank 10/10. Competition is hard for grades. I like my teachers. They devoted and very helpful for AP classes. Last year I took one AP course. This year I took three AP courses. Our school has diversity.
I wish food provided at school can be improved.
Cerritos High School has a diverse campus, passionate and genuine teachers and staff, and reliable facilities. The education that you can get here is top notch for a public school.
Cerritos high school is an average school, there isn’t really a diverse amount of students (mostly Asian), but the academic programs, clubs, and teachers aren’t that bad. It is my second year here and I am currently in 3 clubs and a sport that I enjoy. I’m honestly satisfied with the school I am at, and hope that my upcoming 2 years become more exciting.
Cerritos High School is a very good school. Most of the time the teachers you get are very good and clearly care about their job. Mr. Walker the principle is one the best I've seen, just based on the effort he puts in to be involved in the school. This school is a very friednly place and is somewhere that it very easy to fit in. There are a countless number of clubs and activities that can join based on you interests.
My overall experience at Cerritos high school was terrible. The majority of the staff don't care much about their students, and the environment is very elitist. The campus is majority Asian and Asian American so being an outlier made my experience here even worse due to the us-versus-them mentality of the students.
At Cerritos High School, I feel very safe. With a police station right across the street, it is one factor that is good about this school. In addition, compared to other public schools we have a decently clean campus thanks to our friendly custodians. Most teachers at Cerritos High School seem like they care very much about their students and I appreciate that.
CHS provided a great academic base for college; there are many AP classes offered and the Maths department (specifically Calculus) is strong. The majority of teachers are helpful and wish to see you succeed, though naturally there's always those few teachers whom upperclassmen would advise you to avoid. That said, there are many inspiring teachers who greatly influenced me to become the person I am today and have spurred my academic and mental growth.
Cerritos High School has definitely challenged and pushed me academically. The Advanced Placement classes helped prepare me for the AP exams, even though I had to study a lot of the information by myself. With all the fences around the school, campus gives off a prison vibe. Our school isn't the best at sports but all the students know that and joke around about it. Cerritos isn't amazing, but it's not bad either.
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Super competitive environment, counselors are more disengaged that not. Teachers are positive, facilities are fine, wonderful MUN, band, and sports programs.
The school is very open and accepting, with several diverse opportunities and career programs. There are a lot of clubs, electives, and a very welcoming environment. The principal, in particular, is especially cheerful and rousing of school spirit. Most of the sports clubs are doing well, and the band often ranks among the highest in competitions. Some teachers could do with adjustments to their coursework and/or lesson plans, and perhaps better enforce anti-littering policies, but overall it's a great school to attend.
I think Cerritos High School is a pretty average High School. I mean yes, there are some high schools that make me think are way better than Cerritos. I think that in its own way, Cerritos is pretty unique. The teachers are different, which is good because I don't like similar teaching styles. The changes that are needed is the math department.
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