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CEO Leadership Academy, which is now called Milwaukee Collegiate Academy is a great school. I believe my school is a great school because it is a family base school. Also, our staff gives a huge amount of support and they actually care about each student. Milwaukee Collegiate Academy mission is to nurture scholars by sending them to and through college. Over the last 6 years we have had 100% college acceptance. My school is one of the top ratings for college readiness. MCA cares about my education and they also make sure I have all the resources I need to become successful in life.
I Love Everything. The Teachers Are So Dedicated. The Students Can Be A Bit Much But Know How To Get Work Done. The Vibe Here Is Amazing!
CEO LEADERSHIP ACADEMY now it is known as Milwaukee Collegiate Academy, is one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life. They got me prepared for something called "Life". They believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and I can't thank them enough.
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CEO Leadership Academy, which is now Milwaukee Collegiate Academy is a college based High school focused on getting students to and through college. Which also follows our mission "To And Through College".
What I like about CEO leadership academy is that they teach us how to become well-rounded students. They also help us when times are hard for us. Lastly you can feel like you are at home when you walk into the doors.
CEO Leadership Academy is now Milwaukee Collegiate Academy which who's founder is Dr.Howard Fuller and #1 charter school of the 2015-16 school year. The mission at MCA is to send scholars to and through college. For the past three years MCA has had 100% college acceptances and for the 2016-17 school year the seniors are already at 53.3% college acceptances. Scholars show academic improvement daily. Each individual set a new goal every week; whether it's personal, academic, etc. On Friday we join together as a whole and the staff acknowledge a number of students by giving shout outs to those who will become student(s) of the week. Milwaukee Collegiate Academy is the best high school experience and will make it their priority to get scholars to college and will support you through college.
Milwaukee Collegiate Academy formerly CEO Leadership Academy is an OK school, I like that the work is challenging. I would change the food we get. I cannot function on an half full stomach.
I like that Milwaukee Collegiate Academy formerly CEO Leadership Academy is all about being a family, and making sure everyone comes to school to get an education. I wouldn't change anything about this school.
CEO has made me become a strong black intelligent young lady. Without CEO I don't know where my mind will be a few years from now. CEO has built my inner strength that was the main key point that has brought me this far from the get-go. I Thank CEO for everything they has taught me everything they taught me was well needed and they also had amazing staff's they were helpful and they be their for you, every step of the way. We also have an amazing Basketball team, basketball games felt like a big gathering. Our Boys & Girls club help me and others get jobs to be able to pay for the student fee and the staffs in the Boy's & girls club help with homework in all. The safety we had felt like home but most of all the food was amazing.
My experience here at CEO Leadership has been very productive and remembering. The staff members/team has been incredibly supportive in my years here; I love them for that. Freedom in this school has become scarce. Not only the seniors, but the entire student body feel as if we aren't trusted. My experience at CEO leadership has been productive and remembering; throughout the hardship of worrying about trust.
We have multiple safety policies. however, we don't have security guards
our extracurricular opportunities are very supportive of us. They make sure we have everything we need.
This is a school that tries their best to prepare students for college.
Not all of our teachers are the same. My favorite teacher is my English teacher. She is very smart, she makes herself available for people who needs her when she can, she has engaging classes, and she's just a lovable person all around.
what makes this school unique is there support.
This is a very good school to attend.
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