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Century High School Reviews

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My favorite experience in Century High school was being in the Athletics Program. The Coaches there are great and they support their athletes and help them do great in their classes.
Our school is very involved when it comes to the safety of the students. There are programs offered, and all the teachers offer their time, if anyone needs someone to talk to or help. I think my school is really safe, since its small its well guarded, and the big metal fences makes it impossibkle for anyone to get it .
Our school is very small so our athletics isnt that great. Although we have had a flag football, basketball, softball, and soccer team. Only about 15 students participate since our school is small. And we play against other continuation school.
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Our curriculum includes 5 periods, while each quarter we switch subjects. We gain 5 credits per quarter if we pass the class. Ableing us to gain at least 100 credits per year. Making it really easy to graduate. A popular class to get is the APEX class, which is an online class that ables us to take which every subject we need credits for.
This school has several extracurricular activities, and i happen to be in every single one. That includes, Student Ambassador, Student Council, Newspaper, Yearbook, Teachers Assistant, and Student Representative.
What makes this school unique is the fact that only about 200 students attend it, making it a very small campus. Everyone knows everyone, and the help here is great. If you ever have a pproblem there is always someone willing to listin and help out. Whether is personal problems or academic problems. Coming to this school really boosted my self esteem, and im glad i came here. Thanks to this school i figured out what iw ould like to do in the future.
The building is brand new and very clean, the staff all work together to keep the building looking nice. All our classes have computers most of the computers are new. The staff is very involved with all the students no one is ever left behind. Teachers are very caring and make you feel comfortable and at home.
This school is just amazing with academics and all.
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