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Century Alternative High School Reviews

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When i attended Century high school, it was a breath of fresh air. I wasn't doing very great at the traditional highy school due to very large class sizes and little to none one-on-one time with mu teachers. I wasn't learning as much as i wanted. Making the change of schools really helped me in my studies. The teachers will actually sit down with you and explain anything yout stuck on or having trouble with. The truly do care about their students. Due to it being a smaller sized school, you get to create so many great friendships and relationships with thr students as well as the staff.
Century Alternative High School was definitely a different high school experience. In my opinion the staff varied in diversity. They were very helpful in my learning experience. The school was very easy of course it is an alternative high school, but in my opinion I loved the school and staff better than my school before. The school is quite small and holds very few students. There were no clubs, activities, or sports at this school. The school was poorly funded in my opinion. I can understand this there are other schools with much more students. I won't lie Century High School had and still has potential but that is if it is funded like normal high schools. I finished my senior year almost a year early because of the school. My overall experience I might say was very different than your typical high school student. I went to school only on Fridays and worked on a computer to reach my credits.
Not a high end academic school.
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I am graduating early, with college credits.
There is a bit of a mix, but not extremely noticeable.
Most food is good, lots of healthy options. A little repetitive though.
Some teachers are very helpful. However, not enough resources to plan future.
No sports because it is an alternative school.
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