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I went to Century only for a while because of a temporary disability my other school didn’t accommodate. Century is really good for being accommodating for students working on credits for any reason. It’s mostly online but the online program is absolutely horrible. I used to be a 3.7 GPA student but I ended up with a 3.0 because the system is absolute trash. Basically, you’ll only do well in classes you already do well in. If you come at a random time in the year, you’ll be packed with work. The teachers are knowledgeable in what they teach but it doesn’t help that much when you have to take the online quizzes and tests, because they don’t even write their own material. Extra curricular classes are a hit and miss. I wouldn’t recommend Century to anyone unless they struggle with credits or going to a traditional high school. It’s a bad educational experience coming from a usual all honors or AP student.
(Daughter graduated a couple yrs. ago) I didn't know what to expect of an online high school but my daughter wanted to work at a faster pace than WHS allowed. She thrived at Century and took mostly AP classes. Her dad and I were pleased that she was still able to play sports at WHS. She was able to go to Westlake's homecoming, as a guest, so she didn't feel like she missed out on anything. Overall her experience was awesome. Her master teacher was great with communication.

One thing prospective parents have to get over is the sub-par facilities. The school is in the back of an adult school in old portables with no real security. Anyone can walk right into a classroom. Though it's an online school there are still science labs and actual classes that students attend. In these uncertain times, you would hope that the school district would want to relocate Century to a more secure and modern facility.
I had the most amazing experience at Century Academy! I will always be so thankful for everyone that I met and all the wonderful experiences I had! Century Academy has helped me find the confidence and strength in myself to dream big and work hard! I could not be more grateful, because without it, I would not be nearly half the person I am today! It was a lot of work trying to juggle everything while maintaining my grades and workload on my own, but every challenge that was thrown at me has taught me so much! I think that everyone should go to Century Academy
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Century Academy is an online hybrid school or also known as independent study. It is such a great place for students who have focuses on their futures and need a good balance between school and activities. The teachers are so kind and accommodating to the students. I highly recommend Century Academy to all students.
I owe part of my success to Century Academy and its amazing and super helpful Staffs and faculty.
I felt like the teachers really do care about my success and truly helped me succeed in reaching my goals. I will truly miss Century Academy and all of the staffs who have played a crucial role on my success.
I love having a flexible schedule and having great teachers. At Century Academy you can choose to go as little or as much as you want, as long as you meet with your teacher and take all of your tests at school. I love being able to do my work at home or on the go and working at my own pace.
The school is awesome. By design, the different non-traditional classroom emphasizes learning style.
My mother had trained in Montessori method of education. After many assessments, Montessori was most suited for our son's comprehension style. (Our prior experience was with 3 different programs (in 3 cities), pre-K through 12. He thrived at his prior schools. Total immersion encouraged integration for a more rounded experience. All students were required to play 1 sport, to participate in the play, musical, and in art which created a thread that encouraged tactile engagement with spatial grounding and visual interpretation as the conduit to anchoring each skill set on different core competencies. Class size was always less than 15.
The Century Academy used a different approach to engagement which allowed more real-world experience with a one-on-one approach.)
I would highly recommend this program if your child has less conventional learning styles
Everyone at the school is so helpful and genuine. It feels like they really do want to help you succeed.
Since it is an independent study school and there are never more than 40 students present at the school at one time there is no need for a lot of security measures but there are security monitors. I would say that students always feel very safe at the school.
I love this school. It's given me the opportunity to grow as a student and has really prepared me for college!
All the teachers here are amazing and great with the students. They are very helpful and always there for the students when they need them.
There are not a lot of clubs, but there are enough for the small size of this school. Some years there is great participation in extracurriculars and other years there are only a handful of students willing to participate. The extracurriculars are great, but they would be better with more funding and more participation.
I love the school and all it has to offer with hybrid classes. It provides flexibility for my schedule, and it is tailored to my needs. The only flaw is that there is a smaller number of courses available compared to other schools, so you have a smaller selection to choose from. Although, this didn't affect my ability to be accepted to various colleges.
The teachers are very engaged and want to help the students. They genuinely care about their students and their success.
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