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Special Education Teachers are helpful when students are in need of an extra push or help with homework.
Centura is a great school with friendly staff and kind classmates. Classes can be a lot of fun and teachers do a great job at helping students understand concepts. Activities such as sports are great with an amazing wrestling and track coach. Centura offers the chance to build strong relationships with faculty and is easy to talk to teachers, coaches, and other staff members for help. Overall my experience at Centura high school has been wonderful and I truly believe has helped me get my life on a good track for the future. I recommend Centura as a great small town school, not very diverse, but is a great community to be a part of.
I enjoyed attending Centura Secondary School. It was a very comfortable environment for me. Teachers at Centura really cared about me and success. They would go out of their way to make sure I was able to work to my best ability.
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The teachers provide curriculum that is challenging, but manageable.
All students are able to participate in extra curricular activities.
The parents are involved in the student's activities.
Centura is a great, friendly school. The teachers and staff are very welcoming.
My school is amazing. We are such a small community that we all know each other and their grandparents. All of the students have great friendships with one another as well as the teachers.
We have many outstanding teachers that i have a very good relationship with, but there are a few that make me groan when i see them in the hallway.
The curriculum is pretty simple at our school. The scheduling process is simple and easy to do. There aren't any special study options in school. I don't ever realize a popular class in school.
It all depends on who you are
My favorite experiences with Centura Secondary School are when I took a Spanish class, art class mostly and yearbook. The superintendents positivity is what makes Centura Secondary School unique. I would choose this school again because of the positivity that the superintendent has.
The quality of the teachers are good depending on the teacher. The teaching styles are better in some classes than others. A math teacher I had in 11th grade didn't seem to want to teach much, so the teacher gave us videos to what for instructions then we did our book assignments. The teacher would help a certain way and if we didn't understand, the teacher wouldn't explain a different way. Most of the teachers are really knowledgable with the classes they are teaching and do good with teaching. The interest in students is pretty high but the interest seems to get lower with certain teachers. For communication skills it depends on the teachers, a lot of the teachers are great at communication which is great. Grading is pretty consistent, sometimes the teachers get so much going in class that it takes them a couple days to get grades in, but overall it's good for grading consistency.
They have a whole section for the shop stuff. They only have one language that you can take at this school.
The school needs a pool because many people would join a swim team. We have two nice gyms.
The foods ok sometimes. They have good and bad food depending on what it is. They need more of like cookies because all there is, is healthy food that does not always taste good.
I like how small this school is. You get to know people easily. The school has a lot of land. The lunch you do not get ice cream or cookies. the food is not the best. But I like my friends I have there they are awesome friends.
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This high school offers quite a bit. I didn't feel like I was completely prepared for college but I had the basic knowledge that I needed. The school does offer plenty of oppertunities to take online college credit classes to help students prepare for certain fields. The guidance counselors are a great help. They are more than willing to sit down and talk with you about college options and what classes would be more useful for you to take for future options.
When I was going to school there the teachers did have an understanding and great knowledge of what they were teaching. The teachers all knew every student on a first name basis and they were always more than willing to help you when you needed help with a project or an assignment in their classroom. Each teacher has their own unique teaching style that helps keep your attention in their class room. There are still some things they they can work on but all in all the staff is great.
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