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I have attend Centreville High School for 3 years now and this is my last year attending. I personally think there are a lot of good things about my school. However, there are a few bad apples that can really change someone's perspective and has changed mine at some point. I think the focus is put on the wrong things and some real issues don't get handled. I do think mostly everyone (staff) is trying their best to make the school a good environment. There are some glaring issues that should have been dealt with a long time ago but I think they're working with what they've got.There are teachers that have helped me make it through and made me feel like it was worth going on in life. I would like to see more focus on changing the school as a whole to make it better.
I liked how the teachers at my school are extremely helpful and always want to see you prevail in life after high school. It makes me feel so good that they are investing time into my education and making sure I am reading to go to college or university. Centreville High School, really cares about academics and rewards the students for having good grades. For example, there is an academic letter award if you have a 4.0 or better gpa during the school year, and the same also apples to sports and clubs because there is a varsity letter for sports and activities letter for clubs. It’s a high honor to get those types of awards and i’m glad my school appreciates how hard the students work every single day of the year.
The administration at this school is amazing and they do an amazing job of making the students feel at home, being supportive, and making sure the students have a trusted adult to talk to if they need to.
The staff at Centreville Highschool make a good effort to be inclusive to everyone. The administration are extremely friendly and positive which help the atmosphere. The only problem with the school is that certain teachers do not teach well enough.
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Many of the teachers are not very good. The administration is very strict and unhelpful. That said, it is academically above average.
I would say Centreville High is a great high school located in a great school district. Teachers are very adaptable and want to help students.
It's a very friendly school, it is a little crowded having 2'600 students and barely any land, there are a lot of programs open for students though.
Could use some remodeling and added passageways too crowded as of the moment. Teachers and faculty were very fun to work with and the homework wasn’t hard. Music program was great. Cafeteria food could use improvement but then again what cafeteria couldn’t ? Overall decent experience.
Centreville High School is arguably one of the best schools in Northern Virginia, I feel as if although the curriculum could be a bit more challenging in certain areas, it still challenges the students and allows them to grow and develop important skills. Everything else about the school, whether its sports, clubs, or activities, prepares a student to become a more involved member of their community. What I would like to see changed is to hopefully add more mandatory extracurricular activities for the students, in order to jump-start their interest in participating in out-of-school activities.
High school is what you make of it. There was an abundance of opportunities and clubs to join and new clubs were always being made to cater to the students. The majority of my teachers were helpful and passionate about teaching their students and would offer additional help after school if additional tutoring was needed.
I love being a Centreville High School Wildcat. The atmosphere is a very welcoming place and there is a class, club, and organization for every student. I am partial to the music department and it is like a second family for me. I will definitely be sad leaving after graduation but I’ll know that I will be leaving with a sufficient knowledge of what to do afterwards.
I love Centreville High school, and I do not regret attending it at all, but there are a few issues that I feel should be addressed. Some of the teachers are known throughout the school for their excellence, while many of them are just as tired as the students and are unenthusiastic. Many teachers truly do love their jobs and their students, and promote a better school!

We also just got school laptops, which is very useful since some of the students that attend the school are struggling financially.

There are a few other problems, like vaping and juuling but I assume that's a problem everywhere.

I do genuinely love this school. Many of the teachers there are wonderful and terrific people who have encouraged me to grow as a person and learn new things just for the sake of exploration!
Centreville is like any high school in the sense that it has its pros and cons. The academics are good, but I wish the school would put more effort into the academic extracurriculars instead of just the athletic ones. I've liked most of the teachers I've had, and I've never felt limited by the classes offered.
I liked how I felt included in the diversity of students. Something that could be worked on is making students able to be more active in the job/internship search.
Centreville High School is very welcoming, the staff is excellent, and there is a lot of diversity in the school. There are many options for classes that you can take. Teachers are there anytime when you need help with school or other things.
It is a school that is great for the average high school student. Great football program, that's always nice, and excellent teachers here and there. Of course there are many bad or mediocre teachers, but what can you do? It is a place where memories can be made with the close group of friends that are made throughout our 4 year career at Centreville. But of course the diversity, just amazing. Being on the coast, close to DC, and in such a diverse neighborhood, Centreville has many students of many races ranging from Korean to German to Mongolian. It was a 4 years that I will always remember as pretty great, but not absolutely terrible or amazing.
The academics at this school are great, but put too many UNNECESSARY pressures on children and their need to succeed. Now that I am in college, looking back at my high school experience, I realized how many things I was extremely anxious and worried about (till the point where I was diagnosed with GAD) that just didn't matter. The culture at the school also isn't the best. Majority of the students are from a certain race and class, and if you are not a member, it can be a difficult to surround yourself around them.
Great school!! The area one of the best to live Centreville-Clifton. Has a great programs and very close to the Academic in Chantilly. The population is a mixed of cultures, I can say 0% of bulling, at least any of my 3 children were bulling.
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It was a very diverse community, with great educators who genuinely care about their students. I have recently graduated from COLLEGE, and my calculus and AP bio professors still remembered me and congratulated me.
I've attended CVHS for all four years of high school, so I can't really compare it to any other schools. I've had a pretty good experience overall, and the classes have definitely challenged me and prepared me for the future (I think). There are tons of extracurriculars and clubs to get involved in, which is nice because everyone can find something they're interested in. I really appreciate the diversity as well--I've met so many people with different backgrounds. As for the teachers, there are some really good ones but also some not-so-great ones. I've heard complaints about the counselors, especially regarding the whole college application process, but I've never had any issues personally.
I like how diverse the student body at Centreville High School is because it gives the student the opportunity to experience other cultures. Since we all come from different backgrounds, it is interesting to see the perspective of others. In addition, I love how there are numerous clubs and after-school activities at Centreville because it lets everyone be involved. If I had to change anything about Centreville it'll be the food because I don't believe the food here provides a healthy, balanced meal plan. I would suggest adding more fruits and vegetables instead of chips.
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